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Bath Time for You: Sit and Soak a Spell


I know, this isn'??t your typical '??106 Gift Ideas sure to not be returned'? or '??How to prepare that perfect turkey without an oven'? type of holiday post. And as popular as the awesome holiday light display post (or even my cool Cinderella pumpkin post) was, even I need a little break. Actually, I had a bit of an epiphany this last week after one of those small '??I'??m out of Diet Coke!'? breakdowns. I'??m going to share the results of that epiphany and hope that it saves you a few hundred dollars in therapy (please feel free to put that monetary savings in an envelope and send to Momtrends with my name on it).

Take Time for Yourself.

Isn'??t it funny how four little words can mean so very much and yet many of us (myself included) show such disregard for their power? I can certainly appreciate that with the holidays in full swing we'??ve very little time to just sit down and smell the proverbial roses. Here at D.Coop, we'??re in full swing, trying to complete various projects before we close for our week-long winter break. It'??s a mad house because with the holidays not only comes project deadlines but also parties and social engagements and *fill in the blank*. I don'??t personally have children (save for a five year old Belgian named Karma) so I can only imagine having the added element of what my father still calls '??ankle biters'? running around at the same time. Food prep and gift buying and decorations and travel plans and'?¦. Phew. I'??m out of breath already.


Anyway, the point is really that we all need breaks. Be it a walk in the park (take Fido'?¦ or not. Whatever) or a much-needed hour long manicure or a long bath. Wait. What? Did I say a bath? If you'??re like most of my clients you ripped out your soaking tub long ago and replaced it with a standing shower or more closet space or, heaven forbid, a piece of exercise equipment. Sure in the current real estate climate we'??ve all seen the disappearance of the bathtub. Yes there is still a small one in the children'??s bathroom but oftentimes it'??s been taken over by the likes of rubber toys and twelve different kinds of non-tear inducing shampoos and there may or may not actually be a cartoon theme involved.


But you, my dear mother (or father). Where do YOU soak away the stresses of the day? Where do you close your eyes and float? Are you thinking what I'??m thinking? Bring back the big soaking tub. Let me preface this by saying I don'??t mean those big white plastic monstrosities with jets and all sorts of mechanical apparatus tangled around it'??s internal workings. Eww. Those can continue to linger around junk yards.


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The soaking tub I speak of is a smooth slipper of a vessel, warm to the touch. Sinuous and graceful in it'??s appearance. Beckoning for one to slip into its comforting waters and soak a spell.


The soaking tub I speak of is vintage and high stepping on great paws of brass or chrome, evoking memories of my grandparent'??s farm in Iowa or for that matter, my last house.


The soaking tub I speak of is crystalline and made only for a princess with thousands of tiny facets reflecting a brilliant sparkle across the walls of my bathroom. Yes boys, you too can have a Swarovski bathtub (I'??m sure you can get it in your favorite sport teams'?? colors).

Enough daydreaming. I'??m off to my shower to start my day. My lowly old shower. I'??ll survive but I'??ll wish for the space for just one big bathtub.

Images: Mabley Handler, House and Home, Decorpad, Victoria and Albert Baths, Pinterest, The Diamond Bathtub

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