Simple Wishes for Sandy Hook


Momtrends isn't a site that focuses on personal essays or the musings of parenthood. But it has been one of those days where the tears have come too easily. As The New York Times landed on doorsteps and I saw the names of the 20 angels who were murdered in Newton on Friday my heart just broke. It was the names, seeing the names. Names that could be on the cubbies on my girls' school. Names that I could spot on monogrammed backpacks on our walk to school. We've got a Noah, an Olivia, a Dylan...

To remember these children, these daughters, sons, sisters and brothers, I'm focusing on the names. Sharing the names and praying for each child as an individual. Type them yourself, cut and paste this photo. It's a simple way to honor these children and let the families know that we are sending love and peace to them.

I don't know if I'll be able to keep the floodgates from starting again as I pack school lunches for tomorrow. The simplest act that twenty moms and dads won't have the joy of fulfilling tomorrow. My heart goes out to you dear community of Newton, dear parents. The very least I can do is repeat these beautiful names.

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