Simple Solutions for Back-to-School Lunches


Not only it is back-to-school season, it is also back to being a schedule, being on top of planning and making lunches for the kids. Personally, I love making lunch for my daughter, but I do tend to make the same thing. To help me out (and moms out there that also need some new ideas, Road Scholars Alex and Molly, two recent college graduates, have been traveling 2,000 miles and 13 states in July and August to help raise awareness forSave-A-Lot as the go-to destination for affordable, high-quality food. During there exciting and very busy trip, they took some time to chat with Momtrends about just how to simplify lunches, and even make then very affordable.

Momtrends: How can moms pack lunches for less than $1?

Alex and Molly: Here are a few of the lunches we demonstrated throughout the Save-A-Lot Fuel Your Family road trip. Molly's personal favorite is the pinwheel sandwich, though she swaps in turkey.

Lunch 1: An affordable '??lunchable.'? Kids love lunchables, and this is a less expensive option that lets kids pick their favorites, and mom controls the healthfulness.

Ingredients: Turkey slices, trimmed into cracker-sized pieces, Coburn Farms American pasteurized cheese singles, trimmed into cracker-sized pieces, J. Higgs Buttery Round Snackers crackers, Freshgrapes or Tipton Grove 4oz fruit cup with plastic spoon, Sweet M'??s Lemon Cream cookies, Bottled water or Splash Out pouch, chilled or frozen; this doubles as an ice pack but thaws in time for lunch

Lunch 2: Send the kids to school with a hot lunch. Especially where we'??re from'??Minnesota'??and here in New York as well, it'??s nice to have something hot for lunch. This is an easy way to do that and is also completely customizable.

Ingredients: Kaskey'??s Tomato Soup, Kaskey'??s Chicken Noodle Soup, PastaPronto'??s Lil Bitty Beef Ravioli, J. Higgs Saltines, Freshfruit: apple slices, strawberries or banana'??let the kids pick their favorites depending on what'??s in season, Packet of Fruit Flips

Lunch 3: Ham pinwheels. Kids really have fun helping make these and picking and choosing their favorite combinations. Peanut butter and jelly is an option here, too'??and really affordable.

Ingredients: Flour tortillas, Fairgrounds honey ham, Coburn Farms shredded cheddar cheese, Kurtzmustard, Fresh baby carrots, Coburn Farms low fat peach yogurt, frozen , Sweet M'??s iced oatmeal cookies, Splash Out pouch, frozen

Directions: Spread mustard lightly on tortilla; layer ham and cheddar cheese on top; roll tightly and insert three toothpicks to hold; cut in three slices.

Momtrends: What are some ways to eat healthy on the cheap?

Alex and Molly: Look for fruits and veggies that are in season'??ask store employees to tell you what the best deals are. Buy private brand products'??they'??re just as good if not better than national brands, and often can save you 40 percent on your grocery bill. Last, look at buying frozen veggies'??they have a longer shelf life and will never spoil, and they'??re generally more affordable but just as healthy.

Momtrends: What are some ways to make lunches exciting and different for kids?

Alex and Molly: Use cookie cutters to turn an ordinary sandwich and fruit slices into fun shapes, or try making lunch kabobs usingcheese cubes, veggies and deli meat. A cute note or new pencil tucked in the lunchbox are other simple, inexpensive ways to surprise kids at lunchtime.

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