Shupeas: Flexible Shoes for Little Feet


My baby has been scooting everywhere. Any day now she will be off taking those first steps. That first shoe can also be so expensive, since a baby's foot is rapidly growing. For my daughter, I have been using Shupeas, an innovative shoe that grows with a child-offering comfort, style and functionality all in one.


Invented by former Louis Vuitton (LVMH) executive (and working mom) Galit Harari, Shupeas work by using patent-pending expandable technology that expand to fit from three months all the way until baby (I mean, toddler) is 24 months! On a finanical note, this concept is pretty incredible when you think of the number of shoes that you will purchase during this time frame.


As a four-sizes in one shoe, Shupeas are able to expand so easily because they do not use elastic (this also means no marks around the ankles). They are also extremely adjustable and use Velcro for a custom fit, which I loved as they conformed around my baby's foot. Since she has been scooting around, I did notice some dirt on the shoes but it was really easy-to-clean. Additionally, the shoe is recommend by Pediatrician's as they promote good balance and healthy foot development.

The styles are also pretty adorable with ice creams, flowers, ladybugs, and hearts for girls and soccer, basketballs, and puppy dogs for boys. They also offer unisex styles ranging from teddy bears to swirls. The colors are also fun with pink, red, blue, purple, brown and white.

Another added bonus is that Shupeas are available in 100% leather or Vegan (animal-free) material at a fantastic price point ($14.99 for the Vegan styles, $24.99 for the leather styles).

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