Should You Tell Girls They are Pretty?


A few weeks ago I sat down with Kelly Wallace at a part of

The Conversation Thread

series. Kelly gathers parents who aren't afraid to share an opinion (or two, or three) for a lively round of chat in her NYC studio.

My first topic? Should we be concerned that so many moms are dressing like their teenage daughters? Is flirting with the boys at Abercrombie & Fitch next? Plus, is it okay to tell our girls they're pretty? I teamed up with Carol Cain of and Liz Henry of iVoices on iVillage for this newsy session and we had a blast.

I'd love to hear you thoughts on the topic. A huge thank you goes out to LOFT. They helped outfit me for the videos--this skirt and top is from the Fall line. I'm wearing the

Evening Floral Skirt

($54.99) and

Rosetta Shell

($39.99). Get ready--Look for more and more video content from Momtrends. We've got opinions and aren't afraid to share them.

Full disclosure I was paid for the segment and I work with loft as a brand ambassador.

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