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Motherhood completely changes the way women shop, including how new rituals are created and where moms spend the family's money. At a recent event held by BabyCenter I learned more about these news shopping rituals through a survey called the 2011 Shopping Rituals of the American Mom, a joint study by comScore that demonstrated how moms make purchase decisions across all categories and outspend the general population both online and offline by spending over $2.1 trillion dollars annually.

As we all know, becoming a mom changes everything in our lives, including how she spends the family's money. To adapt to her new role, the survey of over 9,000 moms indicated that the modern women is purchasing across multiple categories such as travel, home improvement, electronics, appliances, finance, auto and groceries. No longer just about buying food, the modern mom is a savvy and digitally connected woman who uses social media, mobile tools, online coupons or daily deals to find faster and cheaper bargains. This includes using recommendations from friends, search engines, websites, social media, TV commercials, reviews from blogs and facebook likes to help her make purchasing decisions. This is pretty fascinating since the standard mantra to get women to purchase items was seen through commercials, now, according to this survey companies will have to step up their campaigns and target moms across various platforms and not just those that target food or children especially since moms spend $7,410 on financial services products vs. $1,710 for the general population. The roles are outside of the typical box and indicate that moms have a huge impact on purchasing activity.

Here are some more of the rituals of the modern mom from this interesting survey:

1. Mom Shops Around.
The modern mom knows that her shopping options are only a click away where she uses social, mobile and digital both online and in the aisle. Three-quarters of moms shopped online in the past 30 days, and half would do all of their shopping online. Web and social are her recommendation engines where 53% of moms use parent sites to get product recommendations and 48% use retailer websites.

2. Mom Shops for Sport.
The modern mom has a passion for saving where they use coupons, sales and deals. They also use barcode scanner apps. In fact, moms are willing to use QR codes to save money on even low ticket items: 71% would scan a barcode to save under $5, compared to only 49% of the general population.

3. Mom Reads the Labels.
The modern mom is willing to make trade-offs based on price, effort, and availability; but she won'??t skimp on safety. More than half prefer purchasing organic or natural alternatives when shopping for groceries. Moms are also aware of social perception where 67% of moms say that potato chips would be met with unspoken disapproval if they were buying snacks for their child'??s class or team.

4. Mom Demands Convenience.
Despite the pressure to save in today'??s economic environment, mom will still reward brands that simplify her life and will pay more for convenience. In fact, 38% are willing to pay for online shipping to save time and effort. Moms will also pay extra for 'luxury' items that also make their lives simpler, multi-functional and more convenient.

5. Mom Enlists New Support.
The 21st Century Mom puts pixels, platforms, and partners to work during the entire purchase process. She relies on others for shopping support and is quick to embrace new services that enable her to get the job done faster and smarter. She crowd-sources for research, and over-indexes compared to gen pop in posting online reviews (62% vs. 50%) and sharing deals and discount codes (44% vs. 35%) with her social graph. She is also highly social during the consideration phase. She leverages mobile to get feedback from friends and family: 34% texted a picture of a product before purchasing, compared to only 10% of the general population.

6. Mom Expects More From Retail.
Mom wants stores that cater to her various lifestyles. For example, 51% of moms want changing tables in restrooms indicating that she needs the shopping experience to be made easier. Additionally, 49% of moms (vs. 32% of gen pop) think it'??s important to have seamless interchanges (the ability to buy online and return in-store, for instance) between an e-commerce and physical retail experience.

7. Mom Puts The Calendar to Work.
Motherhood triggers shopping events and instigates changes in brand preference and purchase criteria. Shopping for items like apparel, music and mobile phones changes throughout the various phases of motherhood - meaning that retailers have to understand the developmental needs of moms and her family and when to target ads and deals.

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