Huru International: Bringing Sanitary Protection to Girls in Need


It is hard to imagine that some young women around the world don't have access to sanitary protection. But, the truth is according to Oxford University, Girls in Kenya often miss up to five days of school a month because of their period. In fact, for millions of girls living in underdeveloped countries, sanitary protection is a luxury item.

Without proper sanitary protection, these girls miss school and thus experience gaps in their education as well as disease. In an effort to help these girls get the essential sanitary protection they need as well as to safeguard their health, and educate them on important issues like HIV, theo.b. Brand has partnered with the non-profit organizationHuru International to help raise awareness for this issue.

Now through December 5, anyone who "Likes" the o.b. Brand Facebook page can help make a small, but mighty difference by sharing a message about the mission of Huru via the o.b. Outreach Tab. For every individual who shares this message with their network of friends, the o.b. Brand will donate one dollar to Huru. For every $25 donated, Huru can supply one girl with sanitary protection and other essential items for one year. The brand will make a minimum donation of $10,000 and individuals have the opportunity to help reach a maximum donation of $25,000 by sharing the message about Huru International. For each shared message, $1 per person will be donated to Huru up to the maximum donation amount.

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