September Issue: The Hottest Fashion Partnerships


One of my favorite parts of fall is perusing all the fashion ads in the sizable September issues of Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, etc. The latest trend is all about hiring actresses to promote brands.


It got me thinking about how effective these ads are. Not too long ago I reached out on Facebook to ask what women thought about the new Demi Moore ads for Ann Taylor. I got an earful--most of you gave this series the thumbs down (none of you were believing Demi wears AT). I think the partnership works. Demi is crisp and professional looking on most days. I think her classic beauty works well with Ann Taylor. The ads give AT an element of sex appeal that was lacking (up next Penelope Cruz for Talbot's perhaps?). The clothes look great and I think the partnership was very smart.


Then there is St. John's Knits ( . I always found this brand fussy and suitable only for MILs or those over 50. Now they have Kate Winslet as a new '??face'? and I'??m re-thinking my opinion. Kate looks luminous in the ads. While the clothes still don'??t have a huge appeal for me, there is something younger about them now that Kate is the face of the brand. Who knows I may even slip on a dress this fall to give it a whirl.


I felt the same way when Tod's hired Gwyneth to be the face of the brand. I suppose Gwynnie is too busy with Glee and cookbooks to continue modeling. Sad. She made the brand younger and hipper (briefly) now the Italian shoemaker has gone with even younger models to expand their reach. Don'??t know if it is going to work with Ann Hathaway-- while I love her as an actress, her innate goofiness and all-American girl appeal doesn't jibe with this brand.

Are there any other big names partnering with big brands that I have missed this fall? What are some of your favorite collaborations?

And while everyone is up in arms about the horrible JCPenney T-shirt, why does no one care about this dreadful Marc Jacobs ad with Ell Fanning (is she 12?) with this extremely phallic image. Yes, he is a fashion genius and all but this is nasty.


There we have it the good the bad and the ugly of fall fashion campaigns! Can't wait to hear your take.

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