Scholastic Parent & Child Plus App for iPad


What parent hasn't read Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine? Even those who don't subscribe have probably leafed through a copy at the pediatrician's office and marveled at the bounty of crafts, tips, celebrity interviews and other stuff that's packed in there.

Nowadays, if a magazine has a good circulation...chances are good that they'll come out with an app.

It's so nice when the app interface and content actually match up to the quality of the print magazine! Much of the content on the app is exclusive to the app and the interface is completely different--almost Pinterest-esque in it's layout. There's no fake page turning either--Scholastic has made the decision to go full-fledged digital.

This summer, Scholastic one-upped themselves by updating their Scholastic Parent & Child Plus App with in-article video integration (how cool to watch a video smack in the middle of an article!), a new blogger section (including an exclusive section by The Accidental Housewife) and a fancy new bottom toolbar to refresh your content.

Being a foodie, I particularly liked the Weird, Wild & Wonderful Foods which is has articles and recipes tailored for kids (both picky and adventurous) from Andrew Zimmern, other celebrity chefs, celebrity moms, kids and some plain old moms like you and me.

I also love that in the Fun Finds section, if a product really catches your eye you can click "Get this now" and buy it right from the app.

Rarely is a completely free app (no hidden charges!) so chock full of the information contained in it's print counterpart.

Totally worth a download!

Jessica Kobrin Bernstein is a teacher turned overtired, over-educated SAHM of two. She is NYC born and bred, and is resisting a move to the suburbs with all of her might. She shares parenting rants, recipes and reviews at You can also find her on twitter @peekababy on Facebook and on Google+ +peek a baby.

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