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Sage Spoonfuls: Homemade Baby Food Made Easy


I am a huge fan of making my own baby food. With my first daughter I boiled, mashed, smashed and pureed her food to create organic and homemade items for her. As someone that is very passionate about healthy eating I also wanted to give her the most nutritious food possible and not something that has been sterilized and laden with preservatives. It also made economic sense - one pear could make 8oz of food - so you can save money, give your baby the best possible food and not be wasteful!

Now that my second daughter is six-months-old I am also going the homemade route but I discovered a way to make this process even easier thanks to Sage Spoonfuls, a system that focuses on making homemade baby food from wholesome, natural ingredients and for storing and bringing it on the go.


My daughter was ready on single-grain oatmeal so when my Sage Spoonfuls "On-The-Go" system arrived I was excited to 'get cooking' and incorporate some new flavors into her diet. I started with two avocados (a favorite of my first daughter) by cutting them up and mashing them in the Immersion Blender and Food Processor. I LOVED how quick this processor was - (much better than the hand blender that I currently had) that made a huge batch of food in seconds. I scooped it up and placed the mixture in two 4-oz Storage Jars and labeled them with the enclosed stickers by listing the date and the contents. She instantly loved the avocados and within a few days, I was mashing up apples, pears, string beans, peas, and even some chicken for her to try out all through this easy-to-use system.

Since you can a month's worth of food in minutes, I froze some of the jars for later use, which I kept organized thanks to the Stackable Storage Trays. Also, over the holidays we did a lot of traveling and to keep the food fresh I used the enclosed Freezer Pack that is designed to maintain coolness for up to 12 hours. This made both making and storing the food so easy in a way that anyone - cook or not - could master.

Having made baby food before, I also loved how the system made it very easy to stay organized with its labels and storage jars as well as well as its additional resources including a very handy Pocket Guide listing age-appropriate foods by month, what foods to buy organic and delicious food combinations. Since everything is listed by age, I have this pocket guide attached to my fridge and refer to everyday when I make new food. It gives me ideas on what to try as well as suggests items that I wasn't thinking about. I also enjoyed reading (and re-reading) the Sage Spoonfuls Book'??Simple Recipes*Healthy Meals*Happy Babiesthat includes tons of baby food recipes, meal planning tips, information on allergies, foods to avoid, what herbs to use, no-cook purees as well as foods that the entire family can enjoy like lentil stew, salmon with veggies and apricot lamb curry, . I love how every section lists several combinations for a fruit, vegetable and a meat so that you can easily vary what you give your baby. I find this book incredibly inspiring for food ideas for my baby and my family that focuses on fresh and organic eating as well as includes a notes section where I have been keeping track of my baby'??s favorite foods.

Even though I've made my own baby food before I loved how easy the Sage Spoonfuls made the whole process by providing the tools to make the food as well as the resources to understand how to make healthy, delicious and affordable food for your baby. I also loved the quick immersion blender that literally whipped up a month's worth of food in seconds. It really doesn't get any better (or easier) than that!


After I tested out the product, I was excited to chat with Liza (founder of Sage Spoonfuls) about her inspiration for the line. Check out our interview to learn more about Liza and this incredible new brand.

1. What inspired you to create Sage Spoonfuls?
My children were, and continue to be, my daily inspiration for Sage Spoonfuls. I started making homemade baby food after my first child Royce was born. I couldn'??t find products on the market that made it easy for moms. I had to improvise and just pieced a system together. I remember labeling food with masking tape and sharpie pens. It was then the light bulb went off in my head and the idea for Sage Spoonfuls was born.

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My second child, Brendan, was born two months premature and spent six weeks in the NICU. It was a rough road and I knew that he was going to need a very special and high level of care. Needless to say, I wanted to be the one taking care of him. It was at that moment, I knew I would not go back to work in the traditional sense for at least two years and I decided to begin developing my idea for Sage Spoonfuls, because I could work from home.

When I became pregnant with our third baby, our daughter Hayden, I went on bed rest at 23 weeks. That was when I finished my book. I am happy to report that Hayden came into the world full-term, happy and healthy!

Royce was the initial inspiration for Sage Spoonfuls, Brendan was the decision to pursue it and Hayden was the catalyst to get it all pulled together.

2. What advice (or simple steps) could you give new moms who are hesitant about making their own baby food.
The 2 biggest misconceptions about making homemade baby food are that:
1. You need to be a cook.
2. It takes too much time.

The truth is you absolutely do not need to be a cook to prepare homemade baby food. It'??s as simple as boiling water, and in some cases, even easier! I never cooked a thing before making Royce'??s baby food. A great place to start is by mashing a banana or avocado. They are easy, no-cook purees that are prepared by mashing with the back of a fork '?? so easy!

As far as time commitment goes, with Sage Spoonfuls, all you need is one hour every two weeks to keep your freezer stocked with healthy, delicious and affordable baby food. Instead of going to the store to buy baby food, you can just '??go shopping'? in your freezer! We are a grab-and-go system, so once you make the puree and place it in the jar, you'??re done. The jar goes from freezer, to refrigerator to feeding and on-the-go '?? no extra steps needed!

3. What is your advice for picky babies?
One of the best advantages to feeding your baby homemade baby food is that it greatly reduces the chance he will become a picky eater. Homemade baby food is more nutritious, tastes better, smells better and has a more appealing texture than store bought. Starting our babies on solids is not only about teaching them to swallow food from a spoon, but teaching them the love of mealtime as well. We want to provide them with a good experience around mealtime so it becomes something they look forward to rather than see as a chore. Babies who are fed a steady diet of homemade baby food almost always grow to become adventurous eaters.

4. What are some of the best foods to start with?
The best first foods for your baby are either, brown rice baby cereal or easy to digest, non-allergenic fruits and vegetables, like banana, peas, pear, butternut squash, apple, carrot, avocado and sweet potato. You want to make sure the consistency is very smooth and creamy. Start with a teaspoon and once your baby gets used to swallowing food from a spoon, those teaspoons will turn into tablespoons and then ounces! Royce'??s first food was carrots, Brendan'??s was a mashed banana and Hayden'??s was apple puree.

5. What results have you seen in your own children thanks to homemade baby food?
I have seen the enormous benefits of homemade baby food first hand with my three children. They love mealtime and are excited to try new tastes and textures rather than being picky. It'??s amazing to me that my five-year-old prefers salad over chicken nuggets, my three-year-old prefers whole wheat pasta over white flour pasta and my nine-month-old will try anything!

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