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Recipe for Safe, Fun and Easy Car Travel


Our friends over at Britax recently shared some fun ways to make car travel fun and safe while on-the-road with the kids. Check out some of their 9 essential ingredients for a successful car ride as well as tips to prep for your travels.

  • 1-2 convertible car seats and/or booster seats (depending on number of kids)
  • 4-5 Rockabye Baby Music CDs
  • 10 soft toys
  • 1 dash of sanity
  • 2 back seat mirrors
  • 6 water bottles
  • 4 different healthy snacks (options!)
  • 2 sun shields


As parents, our job is to keep our kids as safe as possible. The main ingredient of this recipe is a good, reliable car seat. In addition to being safe, the kid needs to be comfortable. Really comfortable. Look for a seat that adapts as your child grows and is designed with revolutionary head safety features that are clearly labeled and visible.

Wherever your travels may take you, be sure to check out new car seat laws. You may be headed for a state that requires children to be restrained in a car seat until age 8. A ticket is not on the list of ingredients, and will likely spoil anyone'??s travel appetite. With the '??boost'? of a booster, junior'??s body will fit safely under the seat belt and he'??ll be able to see out the window better.

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Within what feels like minutes of leaving, your toddler may (will) start to squirm. Before leaving, make a list of playgrounds and rest stops along your route and stop every 2 hours. To entertain rear-facing car seat riders, give them soft toys and books. Older kids should get to choose at least one (parent-approved) toy for the ride.

Let your toddler choose tunes and sing-a-longs that will keep him engaged and having fun. Keep in mind your travel time'??and your sanity'??and include something from Rockabye Baby Music.

If you can, make cruise time nap time. Remember to bring siesta accessories, such as pacifiers and blankies. It may be sunny--too sunny for a sleeper--so we suggest the Britax EZ-Cling Window Shadesto keep little ones shielded from excessive rays and light.

This wouldn'??t be a true recipe without food! Make sure your riders are happy and well fed before taking off. Nobody one wants to drive with a hungry grouch. Keep water and easy-to-open-and-access snacks near your toddler.

Enjoy your trip!

*Find a local car seat check through SafeKids USA to insure proper car seat installation!

Momtrends was not paid for this post. Tips were provided by Britax.

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