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Real Simple Family: Annual Special Issue Out Now


Real Simple Family, the annual special issue on newsstands now, shares everything you need to know to de-stress your schedule and simplify dinnertime. Whether you are shuttling your children between ballet classes or basketball practices, Real Simple Family helps busy readers make time for what matters with ideas to streamline your schedule. The special issue also features healthy, lunch-box ready recipes; a family bucket list; tips for affording college; and more.

The Lunch Box, Remixed: Kids cannot live on bread (slathered with PB&J) alone. Real Simple shows three healthy new ideas to avenge lunch box boredom. Recipes include Avocado and Cheese Roll-Ups, Salami and Cream Cheese Sandwiches, and Chickpea and Cucumber Salad with Hummus.

Gifts Under $20:Real Simple has found the most truly awesome birthday gifts for all ages and stages that are also truly affordable, so you can stock up to prep for the party circuit.

10 Ideas for Pizza: Tired of the standard large with extra cheese? From Spinach and Artichoke and Cheddar to Apple and Mushroom and Pea pizzas, try one of these unique pies (in cute individual sizes) that really deliver

How to De-Stress the Small Fry: From the first day of school jitters to getting a tetanus booster at the doctor'??s, kids have a lot of nerves to conquer. Real Simple reveals six self-soothing techniques to quell anxiety and stress from middle-of-the-night wakeups, an upcoming test, or those in-between transition times (home and school or wakefulness and sleep).

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10 Ways to Finally Get a Great Photo: In ten years, you'??ll want to look back on something besides blurry scowls. Real Simple shows how to keep everyone snap happy'??and get a frame worthy picture'??with this guide to fantastic family photography.

Magic Tricks for Muggles: Who needs Hogwarts? These mesmerizing feats of wizardry can be achieved by mere mortals. Real Simple reveals three magic tricks that are sure to turn an ordinary afternoon into a spellbinding show.

8 Answers to Confounding Kid Questions:'?? What causes hiccups? Do fish sleep? Why can'??t I tickle myself? Real Simple answers these baffling kid questions, explaining the mysteries of the universe.

Crafty Ways to Beat Boredom: Have the kids had enough screen time (or scream time) for the day? Go old-school with a couple of attention-grabbing kitchen-sink projects. Real Simpleshows you how to create pasta necklaces and fire-breathing dragons from crepe paper and toilet paper rolls.

New Ways to Write Thank-You Notes: Real Simple shows how you can encourage your kids to embrace the thank-you note, without leaving you feeling like a nag. We'??ve come up with 13 clever ways for kids to express their gratitude for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and no reason at all.

Mini Me?:'?? She may look (and even act) like you, but kids aren'??t little versions of adults.Real Simple reveals pint-size guidelines for diet, sleep, exercise, and more.

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