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Styling Pumpkins: A Cinderella Moment

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Did you miss me? I'??m sure you did. I can only blame my momentary '??vaca'? on an empty can of Diet Coke. It'??s true. One day they'??ll figure out how it can drip right through my veins in an IV and then I won'??t need to worry about an empty can (or bottle, whatever - you get my drift).

Let'??s just blame it on the lack of Diet Coke that I agreed to run out to what we in Southern California call the '??Country'? to one of the larger pumpkin patches. Let me backtrack and say that by '??Country'? I mean the one area of San Diego that doesn'??t have buildings on both sides of the road and where domesticated food producing animals reside in large open spaces (read: cows in pastures) where these big tall things made of wood sprout weird flat green formations that turn strange colors in the Autumn. Surprisingly enough this '??Country'? is about an hour'??s drive from my home and usually involves a stop at one of the greatest candy stores on Earth (not to mention a slice of homemade pie).

What ensued, I can only blame on lack of judgment and having a little cash in my wallet because after handing over two twenties and a 10 I had the equivalent to a pumpkin patch set up in the trunk of my car. Even though buying pumpkins is no different than buying a live Christmas Tree in December or chocolate any time of the year (it doesn'??t last much longer than a month'?¦ or in the case of chocolate, a few days) I still can'??t resist the Cinderella moment that comes with bringing home Long Island Blue Cheese and Fairy Tale and White pumpkins. I get a little giddy.

Now, if you'??re like me, you might have a fresh manicure which means that lopping the top off this hearty ridged creature and plunging your fingers into messy, stringy gooiness is as likely to happen as my dog ceasing her need to bark at the mailman everyday. Yep. I have no problem sticking my hand into a hole in the ceiling to run a cable line without having checked what is actually IN the hole first. And I can'??t tell you how many times I'??ve taken a little shock when attempting to install a light fixture. But those strings inside the orange (or in my case green, white or blue) hard case containers kinda gross me out.

In the end, this means that I have to get a bit creative when it comes to my pumpkin décor. In year'??s past I'??ve kept things pretty simple, electing to painting the stems of my pumpkins with gold metallic paint (oooo'?¦ shiny!) and massing them on the mantelpiece. However, I'??ve been told I need to live it up a little and try something new. Maybe gilded brass tacks?


Maybe I could paint them entirely in matte black spray paint. Or even better, could you imagine painting pumpkins in black chalkboard paint and just drawing your Jack-O-Lantern face? I'd probably change the face everyday to drive my neighbors a little batty.

What about covering it in lace? It'??s a little boudoir but it'??s almost like preparations for the stocking-ed leg lamp from "The Christmas Story" you know will be on the side table in my living room. Hmmmmm'?¦.

I'??m a natural blonde, which means that with my natural indecision I might end up with all three. Or more. You never know.

Happy Halloween!

Images in order Via: Patina White , Lilac and Lily, MadiganMade,Sweet Paul Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens

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