Beauty & Beyond: Two Ways to Have a Fuzz-Free Spring


I have zero idea if you want to know this, but here it is'?¦I have a bad reaction to shaving. But don'??t worry. I refuse to reach yeti status, so I work around it. Now that spring is here, I have to. Shorter hem lines mean smooth legs.

Ever since having my daughter, my skin has become much more sensitive (gee thanks, sweetie). Now every time I shave, I end up with red bumps everywhere. It'??s the gift that keeps on giving, because the next day is spent itching. Since I'm the queen of the short summer dress, I'??m always looking for alternatives to grabbing the razor. Waxing can get so expensive and TBH I tried those at-home kits and I just don'??t have the oomph able to drag the sheet off properly.

Here are a couple of ways I'??ve discovered that have helped with my fretting over getting fuzz-free.

I remember in the '??80s my mom got this contraption called the Epilady. It was a coil epilator that ripped the hair out from the roots. Every time she used it, she screamed. Ah, the things we do for beauty. When I heard about the Philips Satin Perfect, I screamed. Is it possible they have brought back that legendary torture device? Well, sort of. Same principle but not as torture-y.

You have to grow your hair out a bit in order for it to work (annoying). I guess it'??s leggings for you, until you can don the short dress with smooth legs. Once the hair is long enough, you glide the Satin Perfect across your skin. I won'??t lie to you. It doesn'??t hurt, but it pinches. Once you get used to it, it'??s fine. But I said that about my tattoo process. Everyone is different. The immediate result will also shock you. You might be riddled with little red bumps. I was. Everywhere. I looked like a victim of something. This is why they say to do it at night before bed, so the bumps have time to go down.

It didn'??t get all the hair, so I had to spend a minute or two tweezing a few strays, but it was all worth it. My legs have been smooth now for three days since I did it. I couldn'??t even eek by a second day with shaving.

You can also use it on your bikini line, with a different attachment head (it comes with a few different ones, even a clipper). That didn'??t last as long, but it did mean that I could bag shaving that sensitive area. If I do have any bumps, Sally Hansen has me covered with their new Zero Bumps spray. It'??s aftercare for your bikini line that soothes and eliminates those gross bumps and irritation right after you remove hair.

sally hansen

Sally also has the second of my two saviours...their new Brush-on in-Shower Hair Remover cream. The applicator is great because it'??s a giant paintbrush, so you just squeeze and apply. Wait a few, hop into the shower and continue your routine while it works its magic. It says that it'??ll stay on while you'??re in the shower, but not to have any direct water on it. So'?¦.if this is on my legs, how am I supposed to keep the water from directly hitting it? Since I can'??t get my jet pack or hover craft wet, I usually don'??t go in until I'??m ready to wash it off. And when I do, off goes the hair. It works like a charm. And no bumps.

Caveat: It claims to be virtually odor-free and it is. Virtually. It still smells. I'??m confused how we can send a man to the moon, but we can'??t figure out how to get rid of that dipalatory smell. We also can'??t figure out how to make a camera that doesn'??t add 10 lbs. but that'??s neither here nor there.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines, as well as her own

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