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Probiotic Supplements from Vidazorb

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Digestive health is correlated with overall wellness. When your digestive system is out of whack, your body (and mind) will feel it. As a mom, I often feel pulled in various directions all trying to get through the day (and all that involves), take care of the kids, and what I have been realizing more - to also take care of myself. To help keep my digestive and immune system regulated while also adding a probiotic boost to my diet I have been using supplements from Vidazorb, a brand that offers chewable, non-refrigerated tablets.

Created with families in mind, Vidazorb includes a product line that are safe for both adults and children, safe while also being effective to support a healthy digestive system, resolve food sensitivities and even treat eczema.

Vidazorb includes a variety of great tasting formulations to make probiotic therapy delicious and easy with varities such as Daily line, Belly Boost, Plus, +OPC and Super C. I tested out the +OPC blend,a pomegranate-flavored supplement that provides nutritional support for both immune and digestive health while also containing OPC (made with non-GMO grapes!) that provides support for vascular health as well as help neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals. The list of benefits are impressive, and after using them for a month I really love how easy it is to take (just chew) and that there is no chalky texture. The pomegranate is mild, but not overpowering that I have three times a day and with meals. This has been a simple way to be be on top of my digestive health as the supplements have facilitate better absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and maintain the gastrointestinal system. I also love that they are sugar-free, calore-free and dairy-free, so you know that nothing that shouldn't be in there isn't. I also learned that these supplements can be useful when treating diabetes, Crohn'??s disease, celiac disease, IBS as well as provide relief with allergies, high cholesterol and eczema. However, as in with any new supplement system, you should ask your doctor prior to using them.

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The company also does their part to give back through their Share the Health'?¢ program. Through this program, Share the Health'?¢ works with non-profit health organizations from around the world to provide shelf-stable Vidazorb. This recently included supplies to earthquake in Haiti and working with women in the Dominican Republic.

So as the kids gear up for back-to-school do something for yourself and try the delicious supplements from Vidazorb. Your digestive system and immune system will thank you!

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