Pregnant Unicorn: I'm Not Stressing Out, Don't Make Me Feel Bad


We'??re more than half way there; soon, I'??ll meet my little girl and the real fun begins.

I'??d like to say that I'??m nervous, frantically running around trying to find the perfect nanny, figuring out which crib to buy, reading What to Expect or any of the other literature out there, but I'??m not. We'??re not doing that. Instead,my husband and I are confident that when our princess is born, we'??ll know what to do based on common sense and the guidance our closest family and friends.

I must confess, several weeks ago, I did have what could have led to a mom-to-be nervous breakdown. It was a hectic, albeit very exciting, week at work and the hours were intense. I had a relative drill me on my need to slow down '?? trust, me I know that. I had several business acquaintances asking me what books I'??m reading to get ready and whether I'??ve already purchase my furniture. Then, I had a friend send me no less than eight emails on websites I should be reading, stores I should be looking into and products I should be using. AHHHHHHHHH.


Thank you to those who meant well, but all this made me think of my friend Alex McCord who references '??the well-meaning moron'? in her parenting book Little Kids, Big City.

Don'??t force me to be in your stressed-out, neurotic club. I'??m good. We'??re good. In fact, Steve and I are great. We didn'??t like fuss before we got pregnant, we don'??t like it now and we will NOT be fussy when the baby arrives. Fuss, stress and drama do not make a happy, healthy environment for our family.

For those who are counting, I'??m in week 24. I'??m feeling and looking fabulous, thank you very much.And, I'??m holding on to my sanity,
sexuality and self-esteem, one non-nervous moment at a time.

Pamela Pekerman is a style expert, host and TV correspondent, who lives in New York with her husband, an extensive shoe/bag closet and a pending-to-be-designed baby room. Her personal motto is that looking good makes you feel good, so despite not being a Pregnant Unicorn, she always puts her best face and heel forward. Check out her blog

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