Pregnant Unicorn: Pregnancy is Kicking My Butt


She started kicking me. To be more specific, she kicked me around 9pm on Thursday November 15th. At first, it felt like someone was blowing bubbles in my stomach; either that or I was fighting some crazy gas. Then, I felt a small, little shove from within. At 17 weeks, I wasn'??t expecting it.

Initial thoughts:

Holy shit, this is real.
Why is Steve on a business trip, today, of all days? I need to call him ASAP.
I need to call my mother.
Why isn'??t Steve picking up his phone? Let'??s text him!
This is so cool.

I proceeded to smile and cry, while pressing gently on my stomach to feel the mini kicks. All the while, The Real Housewives of some city was playing in the background.

This pregnancy has been kicked up a notch, literally. At present time, it'??s week 19 and the kicks are more intense. I now being to read them as SOS messages.

'??Mom, you didn'??t eat enough fruits today.'?
'??Hey, mom, its 8pm. Time to relax. No more emailing to see if you can book another segment.'?
'??Mama, I'??m hungry!'?
'??Do you mind turning to the other side? I don'??t care if you can'??t get enough light to read your book. Brining Up Bebe just sounds like grandma Malvina talking, anyway.'?

In addition to my professional job, my job of maintaining my sexuality (note: thongs and leggings are better for the male eye and your physic, than sappy sweats) and my job of maintaining my sanity (note: working on it), I now have a job to take care of this growing baby. Sometimes, the later makes me choose to cancel evening events in order to get a good night'??s sleep and a more productive (albeit abridged, as compared to my usual 16+ hour) day. It sucks, especially when I have a wickedly fabulous outfit planned, not to mention the need to network with what could be a future client. But, choices need to me made.

So, here'??s to waltzing through the rest of the second trimester and making smart choices that satisfy all my jobs.

Pamela Pekerman is a style expert, host and TV correspondent, who lives in New York with her husband, an extensive shoe/bag closet and a pending-to-be-designed baby room. Her personal motto is that looking good makes you feel good, so despite not being a Pregnant Unicorn, she always putting her best face and heel forward.

Momtrends was not paid for this post and no unicorns were hurt in the process.

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