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Preggers: Comfortable and Fashionable Maternity Tights

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Hallelujah! We've found comfy maternity tights. When you are pregnant, wearing comfortable maternity clothes is an important part of how you will feel throughout your pregnancy. I recently had the opportunity to try the Preggers line of maternity tights and maternity knee-highs, and boy was I in need of this line and their gradient compression fibers.

Stretch pants and breathable tights are great staples in any pregnant woman'??s wardrobe '?? but they typically have a stigma of being expensive, ugly, and difficult to put on. However, finding the right pair of compression tights, like from the new maternity line Preggers, will not only provide you with the breathable material your body needs but includes a chic and modern color scheme that can easily mix and match with your wardrobe as you enjoy a new sense of comfort and style.

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Designed by moms, Preggers by Therafirm is not only a fashionable compression hose but the line is designed to improve the health of a pregnant mom-to-be as it improves circulation, provides support, prevents swelling, promotes better blood flow, and energizes tired legs and feet. The instant I put on my cool-looking Aubergine (purple) maternity tights I loved the look and feel of the tights super soft material and loved even more that the tights didn'??t feel, well tight. They were so easy to get on (no shuffling or intense pulling) whose '??free'? and breathable material did not dig or irritate my stomach '?? the company states that this is because the tights are composed of '??granitite compression that delivers a controlled amount of pressure that is greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking.'?

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Unlike regular tights, the Preggers line has a supportive top that will grow with your belly throughout your pregnancy and was so relaxing as it bunch up '?? it simply stabilized my stomach and rested comfortably on top of my growing bump '?? making me feel sexy and comfortable all day long.'?¨

The knee-highs were also enjoyable to wear. Also, composed of Micro-Cool® fibers, the breathable socks provided me with an instant coolness that actually stayed put on my leg. Preggers also carries maternity trouser socks, maternity pantyhose and maternity footless tights to keep you feeling comfortable and looking great for 9 months.

The maternity tights are available in black, aubergine, cocoa, coal, and winter white and retail for $28.95. Socks are available in black, cocoa, natural, sand and retail for $14.95.

For more information about Preggers, please visit

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