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Sarah Jessica Parker admits that she isn't a perfect parent. But like all of us she's trying. SJP sat down for a conversation hosted by NBCUniversal a few weeks ago. The theme "Power of the Purse." Since I'd just gotten to chat with SJP the week before, I can't say there was a ton of new insight, but I did love hearing her share some new stories with Andy Cohen who did the interviewing. Here's a shot of Andy and a group of Mom Bloggers.

Andy Cohen Breakfast

Aside from the chummy chat between Andy and SJP, the large audience was treated to what I found much more interesting--insight into the power of the female consumer. NBCUniversal commissioned a survey this year. The study was called "Doing the Family Shuffle." The survey talked to 3,224 moms and 403 dads. One of the key findings is that moms strive for "traditionalism." Maybe this means baking cookies, family dinners? Who knows. What is clear is that moms--especially working moms--want to capture what they had growing up and they are willing to shop to achieve this goal.

Another interesting tidbit: 77% of moms said they would rather have children with good manners than ones with good grades. After SJP, an esteemed panel of advertising and branding executives talked about marketing to moms and these trends. One of the topics for discussion was this fact: only 12% of moms feel portrayed accurately in media and advertising (what! not all moms clean with lipstick on with perfectly dressed kids and a song in their heart!). Everyone in the audience was keen to hear what the execs on stage planned to do with this information.

The panelists agreed that while moms don't want to see complete perfection, they do want to see an aspirational life when they are marketed to. Here's why--we apparently want to make motherhood more glamorous than it is. From the report, almost a third of moms try to make parenting look easier than it is. For more information on shopping and media trends visit http://womenatnbcunewsletter.com/

One trend I love: hiring bloggers (real moms!) as part of marketing campaigns, check out how I am working with Downy here. What do you think? Are advertisers right to keep ads aspirational, or do you want more realism?

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