PosePrints Caricature Stationery

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PosePrints creates personalized caricature stationery that will make you feel a little, shall we say, vain. I like the way I look in this caricature and I should, since I created it myself by selecting from hundreds of facial features and accessories. The above image is my new calling card with my girls next to me. I know we look cute and I want to hand these out to the entire world!

You can create holiday cards, notepads, magnets, party invitations, save-the-dates and the new calling cards at PosePrints. The process of creating your caricature is lots of fun. You can choose your skin color, eye shape and color, hair, mouth, clothes and accessories. Then, just add the pertinent information and you're done. The styles are fresh and contemporary and, of course, totally unique since you are designing them yourself.

backof card

I love their Holiday Cards, too. Considering how difficult it is to get a smiling photo of my girls in the same photo, this is a painless way to create a personalized holiday card.

Shop PosePrints and receive 15% off your order until December 31 with code: momtrends.

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. I received samples of the cards for review purposes.

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