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I wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes a little too much, if you ask my husband after a dinner party during which I got stuck talking to someone annoying. I can't help it, and I believe that might be a trait that my daughter is picking up. You can tell when she's shocked, disappointed, really happy, thrilled, surprised, sad, and in an adorable needy moment that requires tons of hugs.

Polkadot What leggings (read our past review here) allow girls two to 10 to figure out what they want to show off. A true way to wear your heart on your pants. Are they happy-go-lucky, lovey dovey or maybe a giant superstar? Pick your top two (yes, you can be all of them) and you'??re on your way, spreading positive self-esteem.

The line boasts big, bold and basic print shapes all inspired by candy and ice cream flavors. All capris have a light lavender background (the longer ankle leggings are beige) and are made of lightweight, soft cotton and Spandex. Spoiler alert: They're a little thinner than I would have liked and one of the seams seems to have come underdone a bit (nothing a stitch won't fix), so maybe super rough play should be reserved for another outfit. But pretty they are, and inspirational they'll continue to be.

Girls enjoy mixing and matching the inspirational prints to create their favorite legging combination that will represent their personality. The Ankle Shapes collection, a true full-length legging, has five print shapes : Confident (triangle), Happy (full circle), Creative (pink outline circle), Superstar (star) and the Heart (lovable). Add the new shape of the Capri collection (an outlined blue circle for '??Talented'?) and you'??ve got nine potential combinations. As you can see above, we chose hearts and full circles because our daughter is both those things. When she's not, well, I just might ask her to put them on and see if it helps her mood.

A thought--this could be a great addition to the Back to School wardrobe. We can't always be a voice in the background, telling our daughters they are strong, beautiful, smart, and confidence....although, wow, don't you wish you could be? If your daughter is starting a new school and needs a little confidence in knowing she'??s a super star among all those unfamiliar new faces, with Polkadot What all she has to do is look down and see the reminders right on her leggings. Now if there could just be a subliminal message to "eat your lunch" and "don't talk to that boy."

Also great for school is the news that Polkadot What has joined hands with The Lunchbox Fund - a non-profit organization that provides daily school lunches to disadvantaged and at-risk school children in impoverished areas of South Africa. For every purchase of a Polkadot What legging, you automatically give a school lunch to two children in need in South Africa. And for that, you, my friend, are also a superstar.

Polkadot What leggings are available for $29.95 at

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines.

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