Pocket Frenz: A Line Dedicated to Helping Shy Children


My older daughter gets really shy when new or unfamiliar people to her. I always tell her that I am by her side, and that she simply has to sign 'hi' to people that I know. Sometimes she is able to, and other times she hides behind me where I have to do the talking for her. When I ask her about that, she says that she feels shy and needs time to warm up (to new people). During the ENK show a few weeks ago Momtrends had the chance to check out Pocket Frenz, a patented children's clothing line dedicated to the empowerment of shy kids.

The company believes that no child should ever feel alone or be without a friend so they created soothing tactility and fun friends into the pockets of their clothing. Through this system kids can enjoy their friends by touching them in their pockets or deploying them as unique puppets!

Created by parents Jason and Marni Hefter who were inspired by their own childrens' struggles with shyness and separation anxiety and decided to create clothing with the comforts of home built inside. Some of our favorite styles are the Petal Twinz Hoodie and the fun Alien Invasion Hoodie that are cute and functional by offering relief and comfort for shy kids.

For more information, please visit: www.pocketfrenz.com

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