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Need to get in the Christmas spirit? A personalized call from Santa is the perfect gift to give your kids. I tested the calls out last weekend and they were a huge hit. In fact, I've noticed some discernable better behavior post Santa call!

Here's how it works: Visit and pick one of two messages--Merry Christmas or Be Good. Personalize the message with a drop-down menu that gives your the choice of putting in your child's name a toy from the wish list and more. Then you simply schedule the call. There are over 1 million combinations with the menus--so you can even set up more than one call for your child to really build up the excitement of the season. is a state-of-the-art website that children to get a neat holiday surprise. The site uses a simple online interface--it's very easy to set up the call , users can create a fully personalized phone call that is delivered to a select phone number. The message can be sent immediately or at a specific date and time.

Our calls came in right on time. The number on the phone was my cell number, so the girls think I've got a huge "in" with the big guy. The call lasts slightly over a minute--with a very authentic-sounding Santa.

When my 7 year-old got off the phone she was stunned. "How did he know I've been fighting with my sister?" she asked. Yep, Santa knows all.

Give back component: The Salvation Army has partnered with 10Acious Inc, the parent company of SendSantaCalls, and will receive a donation from every call sent.

To set up your call visit

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