People Like Us: Interview with Director Alex Kurtzman


As I mentioned in my review of People Like Us, I really enjoyed this poignant film that touched about the intricacies and complexity of family. As part of the press junket myself and 24 other bloggers had the chance to interview writer/director Alex Kurtzman(he also wrote '??Star Trek,'? '??Transformers,'? '??Mission: Impossible III'? and '??Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'?) and learn more about this story that was inspired by events in his own life.

During the interview Kurtzman mentioned how he always knew that his father had a children with another women, but never met his half siblings until his half sister came walked up to him at a party and said, '??I'??m your sister.'? Kurtzman always thought this mysterious family was an interesting story - especially since having kids himself -and decided to write it (along with Roberto Orci and Jody Lambert). What added was the "next seven years of the odd odyssey trying to work through it and separate truth from fiction in order to make a movie." He added, "I think in many ways very autobiographical and in other ways there'??s a lot of invention in there. But I -- I certainly think there'??s a lot of emotional, you know, emotional truth for -- for a lot of people in my family in there."

What comes through in the movie is the raw emotion and confusion through Sam (Chris Pine) who is forced to grapple what it means to have a family that he never existed. Through this he goes on a journey towards self-discovery as becomes a brother and uncle as well as learns how to become a better son and boyfriend. Chris Pine is amazing in the role where Kurtzman noted, "Chris is incredible -- he'??s done amazing stage work." Frankie (played by Elizabeth Banks) is also a dynamic force in the movie as a half-sister and single mother that Kurtzman noted, "There'??s a sharpness about her that I think is conveyed in Frankie'??s character because I knew that Frankie had to be like you do not mess with Frankie, you know."

Speaking honestly and candidly, Kurtzman was able to write and direct an incredible movie rich with amazing characters, layered plots and an amazing story that is true to his life.

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