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I have this amazing Michael Kors wristlet that carries all my junk. OK, not all my junk. But an abbreviated version of my junk when I go out to somewhere that requires me to carry less'?¦credit card, license, a little cash, business cards (never know when someone needs to hire a freelance copy writer at the dry cleaners) and of course my don'??t-leave-home-without-it iPhone.

Problem is that this is one fancy shmancy thing. It'??s red patent leather with a plaque on the front (cuz we all know Michael gotta let his name be known). Not exactly the type of thing I would put into my beach bag or take to the gym.

The Callet helps me out with this First World Problem. It'??s like a phone case and a wallet had a baby. A cute pink rubber silicone one.

callet 2

It'??s goes around your phone as a normal protective cover would, but in the back there are two slots for a few important things like your ID, credit card, whathaveyou. I plan on bringing it on our vacation, so that I can avoid shlepping my purse to the beach. Now I can still carry a couple of bucks when the ice cream truck comes along. Also you can store a room key in there, so trips down to the hotel gym are a little less cumbersome (who am I kidding'?¦I'??m not going to the hotel gym...where's your shocked face).

I tried to do the same concept when I had my old iPhone, putting my credit cards into the back of my existing case. Problem - it interfered with the calls coming in. I was set in thinking that the same thing would happen with this, but no concerns. The calls and reception were fine.

It'??s available for all of my iPhone clan and all of you other folks who have the BlackBerry. Based on the model you choose, there'??s pink, blue, black and white.

I told my wristlet that my iPhone and I had to start seeing other people. It isn't jealous and understood. Besides, it didn't want to go to the beach anyway.

Update: Taking a photo with a flash doesn't work with the Callet. I found this out the hard way when all of my photos from a nighttime event came out with a pink hue from the reflection off the case itself. Not good. I could either take it off, not use it during a nighttime event, or cut a giant hole around the camera lens. Annoying. 

The Callet is available at for $19.99.

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