On the Go Guide to Feeding Baby

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Motherhood is all about exploration and discovery. That means leaving your comfortable kitchen and showing baby the tastes and sounds of the world. With a bit of practice and a well-stocked diaper bag, feeding your baby on the go can be a joy.

Follow along with our step-by-step guide and you'll soon be dining out with your new companion on a regular basis.

No Reservations Required: Opt for casual restaurants when picking a spot to dine out with baby. In NYC, we use www.minimunchers.com to locate restaurants in a particular neighborhood that are family-friendly. Ask the moms in your playgroup where they go for understanding service and an upbeat setting. Plan on dining during off-peak hours 11 a.m. is a great time for an early lunch or try dinner at 5 p.m. Either way, you'll skip the crowds. Waiting for food makes baby cranky!

You Are a Team: We like to get the waiter on our side early. Try a little banter to warm him or her up to your cause. Order quickly and request some extra napkins before you dig in. Skip the special requests as this could keep your food from arriving in a timely manner. And by all means, leave a generous tip for all the Cheerios you've mashed into the banquet.

Prepping for the Meal: Wipes are your best friend. Before we let our kids touch anything, we love Dapple wipes for swabbing down the table and high chair. You don't need to have the toy box with you, but do toss a toy into your bag to amuse your tot while the food is on the way. We also advise tucking a few Happy Baby Puffsinto your travel bag.

Order Smart: You'll tote along your own baby food when you dine on the go. Realistically, baby is going to require 99% of your attention. Order some simple finger-foods for yourself. Paninis are a new mom's friend. Messy burgers? Not so much.

Make Yours to Go: Warm weather is right around the corner. Picnics are a wonderful way to dine with your tot outside of the home. Pick up a wrap and an iced tea for yourself and tote along a little cooler bag for baby so you can and head over to the nearest park. Best news: The birds and squirrels will adore the mess you leave behind. OXO Tot makes a Divided Feeding Dish that will keep baby's food fresh and appetizing. Toss everything into this tidy little cooler bag from LandsEnd.com ($19.50) and go!

Have a Back Up Plan: While we don't want to weigh down your diaper bag, we do know that babies can be, shall we say, lively eaters. They toss spoons, fling peas and otherwise lay waste to a meal. Smart moms pack back up utensils and an extra bib. If you don't use them, your unprepared friend will and she'll be ever so grateful. The clever team at OXO Tot packages their Feeding Spoon Set in pairs. It's never to early to start sharing.

Momtrends Feeding Your Family in Style Series is Sponsored by OXO Tot. The Divided Feeding Dish ($7.99) is indispensable for moms on the go. Give your little one two food options in one contoured, comfortable-to-hold Dish. Each section holds four ounces. The Dish's outer ring and handy lip are designed to make getting the food into baby's mouth easier. This restaurant-friendly bowl has a non-slip bottom. Just pop on the lid and conveniently store leftovers. All parts snap together for storage and separate for easy cleaning.

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The Feeding Spoon Set ($6.99) is comfortable for mom to hold and gentle on baby'??s gums and mouth. The protective food-grade silicone coating on the spoon is colorful and practical. It can swipe away sweet potato from a chin with ease and also help deliver perfect portions of food to baby.

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The Momtrends OXO Tot Feeding series is a sponsored post, but our opinions are completely our own.

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