Oeuf's Fall Collection: When Less Really is More

oeuf lightning bold sweater

Oeuf started out as a dream. Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan wanted to create classic, modern furniture and apparel that combined their European style with high quality, eco-friendly materials. For them, '??less is more" is about buying a few key pieces that you absolutely love, instead of many products that you, only, sort of like. I get that. Nothing beats a beautifully made sweater that you can wear year after year and how many sweaters does one person need?

Oeuf'??s fall collection is made up all the essential pieces for your child'??s wardrobe, including dress-up items and clothes that can double as Halloween costumes. Ouef understands that, for kids, every day is like Halloween. By designing clothes that spark the imagination, a sweater isn't just a sweater, it gives you magic powers. A hat isn't just a hat, it hides your identity as the real Batman. And a dress can be made out of leaves by fairies.

oeuf bat hat

The above Lightning Sweater ($76) will make any kid feel like a super hero. The fun Bat Hat ($48) is available in four color combinations. And just think, it'll keep his face warm, too! The Reversible Hoodie ($120) is available in three color combinations and is full reversible with a zipper at the back. All made from soft, baby alpaca wool.

oeuf ivy tunic

The Ivy Tunic ($104) looks like a fairy dress in my eyes. Add a long-sleeved shirt and tights and little girls will be casting spells with this dress all winter. Find more sizes of the Ivy Tunic here.

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