Notes from the Kitchen: Whole Foods Frozen Seafood Entrees


Coming from Texas, Whole Foods has long been a favorite place to shop--great produce, great meats, and some delicious entree options. We were very excited to find out that Whole Foods Market now offers pre-marinated, seasoned or stuffed seafood that needs only be thawed overnight, then cooked! Consistent with Whole Foods' philosophy, their farmed seafood is raised responsibly and they also provide sustainability information on their wild seafood. These seafood entrees are vacuum-packed to ensure the height of freshness and lock in flavor. As well, frozen seafood provides year-round availability of your seasonal favorites, perfect when you are craving shrimp in the middle of winter. This newest line includes:

  • Stuffed sole Monterey ($6.99 each for 6 oz. portion) - stuffed with spinach and feta
  • Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified crab cakes ($5.99 each for 6 oz. portion)
  • Stuffed salmon pinwheels with spinach and feta ($5.99 each for 6 oz. portion)
  • Shrimp teriyaki ($9.99/lb.)
  • Swordfish steaks with Mediterranean-herb marinade ($12.99/lb.)
  • Sockeye salmon with red miso marinade ($10.99/lb.)
  • MSC-certified stuffed true cod with bay shrimp and crab ($4.99 each for 6 oz. portion)
  • Mini-MSC-certified crab and shrimp bites ($4.99 each for 6 oz. portion)

We were thrilled to sample the salmon pinwheels for lunch. Each pinwheel is the ideal portion, as noted by the husband who volunteered to help taste test. The pinwheels baked quickly in the oven (only 25 minutes at 375) without losing flavor, the spinach and feta were a great addition. Paired with rice and veggies, it was a wonderful lunch for the two of us to enjoy while the kids were in school and he had a short lunch break. We'll definitely be sampling the others soon!

Shannon is a Canadian mom to her two little Texans, now living in Colorado, and the author of '?? '?? What'??s for Lunch at Our House,'? her blog detailing the adventures of feeding her children.

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We did receive a gift card to Whole Foods to sample the products.

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