Notes from the Kitchen: Village Harvest Whole Grains


For busy moms, week night meals can be a trial, and health conscious parents are always looking for options for better foods that can be prepared quickly. Village Harvest Whole Grains has a new line of frozen prepared whole grains that can help solve this dilemma.

Two series of grains--Whole Grain Medleys and Whole Grain Creations feature 8-10 oz. packages, packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

The Medley line features Red Quinoa & Brown Rice, Farro & Red Rice, Wheatberry & Barley, Brown, Red & Wild Rice and a Golden Quinoa, assorted recipes that typically would take hours to prepare, while the Creations line combines naturally delicious flavors like Wheatberry, Barley, Quinoa with Cranberries & Almonds and Brown Rice, Wild Rice with Black Beans & Corn. Perfectly delicious served solo, they also afford a quick upgrade to soups, salads and sautés.

Village Harvest Whole Grains are available at Whole Foods in individual servings and Costco in club packs, as well as other select groceries.

Shannon is a Canadian mom to her two little Texans, now living in Colorado, and the author of
'?? '?? What'??s for Lunch at Our House,'? her blog detailing the adventures of feeding her children.

Momtrends was not paid for this post, we did receive samples to taste.

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