Notes from the Kitchen: Mom Made Foods


Sometimes getting dinner on the table can be a challenge when you have kids. When I can't muster up the energy to cook, or make something that I know the kids won't eat I opt for takeout for both a break and treat for the kids. This can get expensive and also unhealthy. To fill in the gaps for those days that I don'y want cook I have been testing out a frozen organic line called Mom Made Foods.

Created by Heather Stouffer, a mom of two, who loved to make homemade meals but was faced with the challenges of actually preparing food with a family and couldn't find healthy alternatives in the grocery store. She created her own line of food products using the best and freshest ingredients such as organic products and meats raised without antibiotics. What resulted was Mom Made Foods, a line that offers families options without having to sacrifice taste, quality or flavor.

The line includes a collection of foods such as the Mom Made Meals, Mom Made Munchies, and Mom Made Bites where you can find literally every type of food to appease your little ones palate. The Mom Made Meals line include Cheesy Mac, Fiesta Rice, and Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs and Sauce that are ideal for dinner where kids will get a hearty dose of vegetables and grains. The Mom Made Munchies includes a line of tasty and healthy snacks such as a Cheese Pizza Munchie, Bean Burrito Munchie, Chicken Munchie, Turkey Sausage Munchie or the Apple Pie Munchie, which makes for the perfect snack option that little kids can both grab and keep them full in-between meals. They also offer Mom Made Bites where you can opt for their Turkey Meatball Bites. Made with all natural meat, these bites are perfect for kids since parents won't have to cut them up and you can easy enjoy them on-the-go, in sandwiches or as a side for dinner.

Mealtimes can be complicated, but thanks to brands like Mom Made Foods parents now have the option to serve their children fresh, healthy and organic foods when they need a break from cooking without having to sacrifice health.

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