Notes from the Kitchen: Getting a Hearty Dose of Veggies with Garden Lites


I just discovered a new way for my kids to get there veggies without drying to sautee, sneak or mask their flavor. Garden Lites, a low calorie, vegetarian soufflés and side dishes that are made with fresh, all natural ingredients that I have been serving as a tasty side dish to increase our dose of veggies and have a tasty alternative to the traditional way that my kids are used to them.

I started by serving this to my 14-month-old who is (thankfully) showing no signs of being picky. She eats virtually anything but still needs small and soft bites for her veggies (she only has seven teeth). I found Garden Lites to be ideal since they are already cooked - complete with natural flavors - where I just had to warm them up in the stove (you can also microwave them) and they were ready to be served. This includes a delicious variety of soufflés like their Spinach Soufflés, Garden Vegetable Soufflés, Carrot Raisin Soufflés, Butternut Squash Soufflés and even a Pizza Soufflés. She was a huge fan of their spinach variety that I both served as a side dish as well as an addition to her soup. They are all packed with fiber, minerals, vitamins as well as protein to provide your children with sufficient energy to get through the day.

My older daughter loved them in pasta that was easy to mix into sauce or serve plain. The fresh vegetables provided a really delicious and rich flavor that was great when I didn't have homemade food prepared or wanted a break.

I also loved that the Garden Lites is all vegetarian that is minimally processed so our kids can get the possible meals when we can't cook ourselves.

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