New Survey Reveals Moms Hide in Bathrooms for Alone Time

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Modern-day motherhood is complicated. According to a recent survey conducted by Ivory, 80 percent of American moms think motherhood is actually more complex and stressful than it was 20 years ago. However, although moms are are busier than ever, nine out of 10 moms think they'??re doing a better job balancing it all than their own mothers did.

The '??Ivory Moms Survey'? became the impetus for Ivory's new online social community, The Soap Dish, and its partnership with Emmy award-winner and funny mom, Melissa McCarthy. It also uncovered some surprising insights into the realities of the modern mom.

Mommy Gives Herself a '??Time Out'? in the Bathroom
Today'??s mom juggles many tasks where 30% of moms surveyed found the most complicated aspect of motherhood was finding more "me" time. To take refuge 66% of respondents confessed to hiding in their bathroom for some much-needed alone time.

Whose Kid is it Anyway?
According to the survey, moms say they receive parenting advice an average of three times a week from their families (62%) and friends (59%) as well as on blogs and via social media (41%).

Myth of the SuperMom
Today's mom struggles with her own super hero status as almost 75% feel the pressure to make every outing, playdate, or experience a "teachable moment." Moms also feel they need to be experts in "traditional" skills such as nutrition (55%), first aid and medicine (49%), as well as an expertise in technology (41%), social media (35%) and pop culture (25%).

Mom vs. Mom
Moms would rather be the "cool mom" (77%) than the "hot mom." The survey also found that 83% of working moms think they have it harder and 60% of stay-at-home moms believe their job is more difficult. While all moms want their daughters to thrive and be happy, most want their offspring to follow in their footsteps. Sixty-four percent of working moms prefer their daughters to be a working mom, and more than half (53%) of stay-at-home mothers would prefer their daughters also to be a stay-at-home mom.

Additional Surprising Findings from Ivory:

  • Moms are Overwhelmed: 66% of moms have hid in their bathroom just for some alone time.
  • Taxes vs. Homework: 61% of moms with children in middle school and 68% of moms with children in high school think their child'??s homework is harder than doing their taxes
  • Working vs. Stay-at-home Mom: 83% of full-time working moms think they have the harder gig, and 60% of stay-at-home moms believe their job is more difficult.
  • Smarter than a fifth grader? Mom may not agree as more than 60 percent of moms think figuring out their taxes is easier than middle school math homework.
  • Forty-three percent of moms said having your kid known as the '??smelly'? kid is much worse than having your kid known as the '??potty mouth'? (20 percent), the '??whiner'? (17 percent) or the '??snob'? (13%).
  • Modern moms may be overwhelmed with other moms giving them advice, but the truth is few actually '??know what they'??re doing'? anyway. Seventy percent of moms feel that others think that they have everything together '?? even when they don't.

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