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New Price Comparison Tool from Time To Play

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While I love seeing the joy on my daughters faces when they open up a new present during the holidays, I really hate the craziness that comes with holiday shopping. Crowds are one thing, but costs can rack up where certain retailers charge more than others for the same exact item. is changing the way shopping is done with their innovative new price comparison tool.

How it works is simple. With a quick click, users can see in-depth reviews and editors' rankings of thousands of toys and fun family products. In addition to the reviews, users can now find a cost comparison tool across various online stores- making a one-stop shop for researching and purchasing toys over the holidays. After you research an item that you are interested in you can the cost of the item on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Toys R' Us and Kmart - where you might be able to find a 25% price difference on some items. Alongside the price, the tool lets you know if the item is in stock and from there you can click on the link and make your purchase. You can also share this information across your social platforms and comment to keep the conversation going or to ask questions about the toys that you are interested in.

Shopping over the holidays isn't always fun, but TimeToPlayMag makes it easier to research, purchase, and discover the ideal toy for your kids.

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