Netflix's New "Just For Kids" Tab


A few months ago, we cut our cable and since then, we've been relying pretty heavily on Netflix for our mind-numbing, entertainment needs. Although Netflix recently garnered some flack for nearly doubling the cost of their service and creating separate fees for mailed DVDs and online streaming, they also added a new feature to win back some parent support.


With their new "Just For Kids" tabNetflix makes it easier for parents to quickly filter appropriate content for the 12 and under set. Visually organized by character icons (Dora, Bob, Big Bird, SuperWhy, etc.) and kid-friendly genres (dinosaurs, princesses, robots, animals, etc.), this new tab can save you time searching for appropriate TV shows and movies for your tots and pre-teens.

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The tab is free to allNetflix users and while it's only available on the website version right now, Netflix is working on rolling it out to other devices that Netflix works with like the Wii, Xbox, Playstation and others.

I've been using this tab a lot the past month and do like its benefits. It's quick and easy to find appropriate content for my kids, it offers suggestions based on previous kid titles we've watched, and if we search for a title, all the results are kid movies. No worries about any questionable movie covers popping up when you search for "cougars" or "robots."

Current Netflix members can look for the new "Just For Kids" tab at the top of their menu bar. New subscribers can get access to Netflix's unlimited, online streaming content for $7.99 a month.

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