The Dexter Bag: A Chic, Stunning and Vegan Diaper Bag



I was teetering on the edge of giving up diaper bags and, then, I saw the Dexter bag by Nest. A lot of diaper bags claim to look more like a purse than a diaper bag. Dexter really does. But, here's my problem. I really don't need to cart around diapers anymore. (I haven't changed my my two-year-old's diaper in public in... Wait, I just did yesterday, but it was the first time in months.) But, I could just carry a diaper in my purse. I don't need to buy another diaper bag! Oh, Dexter, what have you done to me?


This stunning vegan bag is complete with gold, flat buttons, large outer pockets, and a chic lining. Not only is this lining a lovely Tiffany blue, but it's apple juice resistant and completely zips out, so you can wash it. Two outside pockets are gracefully hidden for sippy cups or bottles. Because no matter how "leak proof" my sippy cup claims to be, it still leaks. Not that it would matter with the Dexter. The Dexter Diaper Bag is also available in navy or army green nylon.

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