Name Bubbles: Cute Personalized Stickers for Kids


I obey rules. If you could just quickly overlook my high school and college years, you'??ll find this is mostly true. So when our daughter'??s teacher says label everything, I do. Lunchbox, shoes, clothes, kid. No that last one isn'??t true. But you get the drift. Things are labeled. This guarantee she comes back from school with everything she went to school with.

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It'??s too bad that all these labels sort of put a damper on the visual aesthetic of things. Like when I buy a sweater for her at a consignment store and I have to scratch out '??Mary Carter'? from the label to put her name. And her lunchbox has her name scrawled across it in a hurried fashion since I did it in her school'??s parking lot on the first day because I had forgotten the night before.

Name Bubbles solve that problem. These are really cute personalized stickers that you can use on everything'??lunchboxes and water bottles, notebooks and pencil boxes, even sports equipment and clothing. They'??re waterproof and very durable (read: they have some serious stick power). Twenty four hours after you press them on, they'??re ready for the dishwasher or laundry. Yes. I said laundry. No more going against your best judgment and drawing on your kid'??s clothes. The food labels even made it into Parenting and Redbook magazines as gotta-get fun for your kid'??s belongings.


The designs make you smile just as much as the idea that you don'??t have to write on your items anymore. There are little flip flops, bubbles, bunnies, and monogram banners. And I know my friends with allergic kids will appreciate the allergy alert stickers they have as well.

I'??m still writing down the rules. I'??m just not using a marker to do it.

Name Bubbles are available for $26.88 to $42.88 at

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