MyBlueBirdie: An All-Inclusive Website for New Parents


When you become a parent, it is ideal to have resources at your fingertips that make the whole parenting thing a little easier. Almost daily you will have questions or need some advice on everything from colic to teething to sleep. Then there is the stuff from strollers to clothing that you will beed for your baby, which is enough to make any new parent overwhelmed. We recently discovered a new resource called MyBlueBirdie, an all-inclusive website of its kind taking parenting to a new level by acting as a digital baby planner helping expecting parents to sort through information with a variety of services such as expert advice, quality product offerings, flash sales and more.

How MyBlueBirdie works is that it can help new parents prioritize their expenses acting as a personalized concierge service by presenting a panel of expert contributors that help guide and facilitate choices from a variety of handpicked products from leading baby and toddler retailers. They also have interesting experts including child development psychologist and bestselling author Betsy Brown Braun, board certified pediatricians Bess Raker, MD, FAAP and Scott Cohen, MD, FAAP of Beverly Hills Pediatrics, Pediatric Sleep Consultants Jill Spivak LCSW & Jennifer Waldburger and'??The Baby Guy'?? Jamie Grayson, among others.

MyBlueBirdie also offers over 500 products from 150 trusted brand names including Little Giraffe, Melissa & Doug, Hot Milk, Ubbi, Ergobaby, Trumpette, Jana Feifer, CZ Falconer, Dolphin Organics & many more! They also offer everyday deals and daily events, so that you can constantly find current items for your growing baby.

As an all-in-one baby personal concierge service, MyBlueBirdie tracks your milestones by providing relevant information, expert advice and product planning guides every step of the way! They also personally pick a selection of the '??Must Have'?? products versus the '??Nice to Have'??, the all-inclusive MyBlueBirdie'?¢ registry and hand-picked options simplify the guesswork for every family.

As an all-inclusive website for parents, MyBlueBirdie is a great resource to discover answers, shop and find answers to the many overwhelming situations in the new world of parenting.

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