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I've been a product junkie most of my adult life. I'm always looking for the best items, and once I find them it takes a lot for me to sway--especially if I'm satisfied with the results. I've been getting facials at Mario Badescu for a few years, but never incorporated the products into my repertoire until this year. I'm now officially hooked. As of last week I added the last (and final) step to my routine. The products smell great, go on smoothly, and best of all, your skin looks radiant. Here's a glimpse into my daily facial routine, both morning and night. (Don't be intimidated by the number of steps--they are fast, and most importantly, they work!)

Enzyme Cleansing Gel: Rub this in a circular movement on damp skin. It's oil-free and removes dirt and makeup.

Seaweed Cleansing Lotion This toner contains no oil. Squirt some on a cotton ball and rub in an outward movement. You'll see the dirt lifted in front of your eyes.

Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF 30) I realized years ago that no matter how long I'm in the sun, I'll only burn. NOT worth ruining my skin in the attempt of looking tan (that's what the bronzer's for!). Now I'm a stickler for sunscreen and staying under an umbrella at the beach or pool. This moisturizer's light and contains SPF 30. It's perfect for every day, twice a day.

Herbal Hydrating Serum: After moisturizing, spread a couple drops of this all over your face. It provides extra moisture and locks it in.

Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream: A little dab will do ya--just around the corners of your eyes.

**Every other night I forgo all steps after cleansing and just use a couple drops of Vitamin C Serum (you'll feel your skin get tighter immediately.) followed by the eye cream.

***Two times a week I forgo the Enzyme Cleansing Gel and instead use Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. It foams into a rich lather and seriously exfoliates. You only need a drop.

Here's to radiant skin and feeling like a million bucks (without having to spending that!).

Lindsay Brooke Weiss is an on-air style expert, personal stylist, editor, wife and new mother. Prior to starting her own fashion and lifestyle blog she was the fashion and accessories editor at Niche Media and the editorial director at Haute Living magazines. You can check out lindsay'??s website at or follow her on Twitter at LBWstyle.

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