Murals Your Way: Stylish Wall Art for Kids


Kids develop their sense of style pretty quickly. One place where the can express their personality is in there room where they can hang posters and pictures of their favorite characters and later teen heartthrobs. As parents we can help them take ownership of their room by picking out cool wall art with them. I recently learned about an easy and affordable way to style a room with SmartStick wall coverings from Murals Your Way.

Murals Your Way features a fun collection of wall art for both kids and adults. The kid section is filled with thousands of designs like a collection of whimsical prints with animals, Disney characters from popular movies like Tangled, Cars, and Toy Story 3 and educational world maps, dinosaurs and solar systems. Not only featuring popular kids characters, the website also includes fun and stylish wall art for an adult bedroom with prints showcasing the beach, nature, fantasy and famous pieces of artwork. I really enjoyed looking through their vast collection of images where I discovered cool prints both to include in my own room like the Unfurling Wonderland or the modern Fuscia Leaves in black and white.


For my daughter, I tested out the Girls Scene in White. Painted by Sheri McCulley, I loved this whimsical picture that featured a colorful collection of trees, flowers and cute animals (owl, deer, giraffe and birds) and gorgeous colors. Held on with the MUY SmartStick, I left the 26-square-foot decal out overnight to uncurl. The next day we picked out a spot on her wall. I unpeeled the adhesive and it stuck on her smooth wall. I was amazed at how easy it was '?? especially since I put it up myself as my three-year-old looked on. It was also really simple to maneuver and re-position as I was attempting to lay the poster evenly on her wall. After it was placed on her wall, I really loved how it added a distinctive and unique touch to her room as well as really matched her personality and growing style. This print, like most prints from the website, are also available in vinyl and canvas with the option to mirror and add a grayscale to the image. You can also make the print even more personal by adding your child's name or a message.


I also loved that the decal create a change to her room without being a huge and time-consuming cost, which is especially ideal since kids change their interests so quickly. Also, this option makes it easy to transfer the art from room-to-room, which according to Murals Your Way can be re-positioned up to 100 times on almost any wall surface.

Another cool feature with Murals Your Way is that your kids'?? artwork can be made into a life-sized mural. They can also make a mural from picture where you simply select a digital image from your computer file, pick the size and material you want. This personalized option is a great way to encourage a budding artist, and a fun way to display kids art. Their team of designers can also personalize existing murals with names, messages and/or photos.

With over 7,500 images and an option to personalize your own wall art, Murals Your Way is a fun and inexpensive way for your kids to showcase their budding style as well as find a unique way to reinvent a room with their own personal touch.

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