Müller Yogurt Taste Test


I'm a big believer in the power of breakfast, but I admit to a few rules. It's got to be easy and it's got to keep me satisfied for at least 5 hours. I'm not a snacker. I like to power up in the morning and keep going until lunch. This week I stocked up on the new Müller'?¢ yogurt products when I went to Stop & Shop.

Knowing that I am a bit of a food snob and a mom on the go, Müller'?¢ asked me to sample the lines and report back. Muller Quaker Dairy, is a joint venture between PepsiCo, Inc. and the Theo Müller Group. The goal is to bring Europe'??s beloved Müller'?¢ yogurt to the U.S. Since I live in NYC, I am one of the lucky "early adopters" and was able to dig into this trend.


The complete line of products includes Müller'?¢ FrütUp'?¢, Müller'?¢ Corner'?¢ and Müller'?¢ Greek Corner'?¢. I started my testing with the Müller Greek Corner. Since I am s Greek yogurt lover, it was a treat to sample a new brand. Smooth and rich, this yogurt stands up to the best I've tasted. The "corner" concept offered me a two-chamber cup. Shown you'll see my taste test with the Strawberry Corner. Depending on your style you can flip, stir or dip the flavor. I'm a dipper--I don't like my yogurt too sweet with this system I can get the taste JUST right. I sprinkled in some granola and found the breakfast to be hearty and satisfying. I wasn't ravenous and felt great until lunchtime.

If you like sweeter breakfasts try the M��¼ller Corner and mix in the entire side cup. The kids fought over the Müller FrütUps--they are a cross between dessert and breakfast. The FrütUp has a layer of fruit "mousse" on the top. The base is lowfat yogurt--the girls picked "Very Cherry" and the trim little package was perfect to tuck into a lunch box too. I could see these being a great after school snacks alternative.


Müller Corner and Müller Greek Corner offer a new way to enjoy yogurt in an exclusive two-chamber with add-ins you can flip, stir or dip. Varieties include Strawberry, Blueberry, Crunchy Granola, Crispy Crunch, Choco Balls and Choco Flakes. The Greek-style varieties include Caramelized Almonds, Strawberry, Blackberry & Raspberry, and Honeyed Apricot.

Müller FrütUp has creamy low-fat yogurt on the bottom with a vibrant layer of fruit mousse on top. Müller FrütUp is a new yogurt experience that you can scoop or swirl to your delight. With a delicious fruit mousse on the top of yogurt, there is nothing like it. Müller FrütUp varieties include Peach Passion Fruit, Splendid Strawberry, Blueberry Bliss, Radiant Raspberry, Luscious Lemon and Very Cherry.


Müller'?¢ provided me with product for sampling. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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