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Money Saving Tips for Moms


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Did you know that it costs $250,000 to raise a child (up until they are 18)? Or that a new parent will spend (on average) $10,000 during their baby's first year? With costs mounting and advertising getting more deceptive (especially catering to new moms), Momtrends was excited to learn some tips from Sandra Gordon author of Consumer Reports Best Baby Products and the baby products blog Baby Products Mom on how to save as well as what items you should splurge on for your baby.


During our interview, Sandra mentioned that the new mom can buy the best items for their baby without spending a ton of money stating "a baby doesn't know brands, only parents do." And by buying into brands moms are paying more than they need to. Sandra suggests to buy store-brand items whose ingredients are generally the same as the name brand items, except they are significantly less expensive. Sandra also mentioned that there are certain items like a car seat or a stroller that you shouldn't buy second-hand or used due to safety standards. Here are some more of her money saving tips for buying for baby.


Sandra recommends using store brands, especially when it comes to things like infant formula. She mentioned that you can save over $600 a year if you switch to store-brand formula. Sandra also pointed out that all infant formula sold in the U.S. must meet the same basic nutrient requirements established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so the ingredients are essentially the same. She also said that using milk-based formula as opposed to soy can save you over $2,000 a year.

Diapers are unavoidable. Sandra suggested buying store-brand disposable diapers, which can save moms up to $108 per year. She also suggested that new moms only buy one pack of newborn diapers since babies quickly grow out of that size.

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To save money on clothes, Sandra suggested a clothing swap. Since babies grow out of their clothes so quickly she said it makes sense to embrace hand-me-downs and splurging on a nice outfit to bring baby home in from the hospital.

Sandra mentioned that expensive nursery sets are not necessary, stating "It may sound nice to have a beautiful, coordinated nursery set, but all you really need is a crib sheet." Also, all crib padding has been recalled so a baby really needs the basics in terms of bedding.


When you are buying for baby, Sandra says that you shouldn't buy a used car seat. She stated, "It might seem like a nice deal to buy a car seat off craigslist or at a garage sale, but you don'??t know where it'??s been." There are also new safety guidelines established all the time so it's important to have a car seat that adheres to the latest standards as well as one that hasn't been recalled.

She also mentioned that new parents should buy a safe, reliable crib as well as one that adheres to safety standards, especially those that don't drop down.

Sandra also mentioned that moms should buy a nice stroller. She mentioned that this is a big purchase and new moms should research what is out on the market as well as visualizing how you they going to use it and what features are the most important you. Trust us on this one '?? it will save you from buying multiple strollers down the line.

*Statistics from'??s new '??Shopping Rituals'? report.

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