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Momtrends On the Move


We're getting ready for some business growth here at Momtrends. And the timing feels right. Is it just me or can you smell change in the air? After spending my summer as full-time mom, my kids are heading back to school'??both are now in school five days a week.

I'??ve savored every moment (ok maybe not the meltdowns) of my summer with the ladies. We grew closer as a family as I saw every little milestone as I flew without a sitter this summer. From seeing the language of the little one explode to being there when the older girl lost her first tooth'??it'??s been a great ride.

In addition to the family news, we'??ve mostly finished decorating our new apartment. Well, now I'??m turning some TLC to Momtrends. We'??ve got some big things underfoot and it's time to share the news.

On Wednesdays, Brandon Smith (you can check out his saucy prose here www, will be representing men, the West Coast and all things cool in the world of design. A big assignment no? We haven'??t named his new column yet, but it'??s going to focus on design trends and it'??s going to be fab.

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Next up we have Cheryl Fenton talking '??Beauty & Beyond'? every Tuesday. We can'??t get enough of her sassy reviews (you can also find her witty word here and real-world solutions for mom'??s no-time-available-take-no-prisoners beauty routine.

Every Friday, Shannon Carino (of fame) will be sharing foodie finds'??recipes, gadgets, and cookbooks all geared to spice things up in your kitchen. Every Friday will be dedicated to food to get you cooking over the weekend. We'll still be featuring our wildly popular Friday Food linky, now we're just giving you even more of what you love.

The tireless and immensely talented, Serena Norr, will be taking over as our Managing Editor. She'??s going to be parsing out the reviews, covering events, and managing the content and making sure the ship runs smoothly (all this in addition to writing her own blog And I sincerely hope she'??ll help me tackle the hundreds of emails that land in my inbox each day.

What am I going to be doing? Fret not dear readers. I'??m going to be throwing myself into two ventures. First, I'm going to be focusing on fashion trends more than ever. It seems the more fashion coverage we give you, the more you comment, read and share. Second, I'm going to be marketing Momtrends. That means more speaking engagements, videos and events. We're in growth mode and it'??s time to spread the word about all the fabulous things going on at Momtrends. My mission is to find the coolest brands to highlight and the best partners to make our business flourish.

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