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Momtrends Exclusive: Interview with Chynna Phillips

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It is always to comforting to learn that some celebrity moms are 'just like us' where they find it difficult to balance work and home life or as Chynna Phillips, member of the popular 90s band Wilson Philips and current celeb on Dancing With the Stars, put it "I'm in hell" (when describing trying to do it all). Momtrends recently had the opportunity to learn more about this busy mama in a straightforward and honest conversation about the great juggling act of motherhood, her accidental stint on Dancing, her ever supportive hubby Billy Baldwin and their three children who are rooting for her every step of the way.


On Balance
Chynna spoke candidly about trying to balance work and her family and mentioned that right now she living like a bachelor with a "messy apartment and coconut water in my fridge." Chynna added, "the only reason this is working is because Billy (her husband) is the stay-at-home dad," so that she can "bring home the bacon." Chynna added, right now "the scales are tipped and it's not easy but I am trying to live one day at a time and see the big picture - this is a great opportunity and a small window in my life." Her kids have been incredible about this whole process, though where Chynna noted, "My kids have been so excited and they even tell me not to stress!"

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On Challenges as a Mother
As a mother we all experience challenges and for Chynna her biggest challenge is to "create intimacy." Adding, " I never had that with my own parents - they were divorced and I didn't have a closeness growing up." As a result of her childhood, she feels questions whether her kids feel connected and really love her. She knows they do, but she finds herself second guessing herself as a mom. However, her biggest reward is seeing her kids grow and develop into compassionate people. She noted that this is where she sees the work from raising her kids and remarked "it is truly a wonderful."

On Dancing with the Stars
During our interview Chynna also told us that she actually had no aspiration to do Dancing with the Stars but that her husband told her that she would be perfect for the show. She told him that if he could make it happen then she would do it - never thinking he could get her on the show. But low and behold, one day she received a call and she was booked for Season 13. She now feels so grateful for this "cool experience" that "saved my butt" thanks to its rigorous exercise.

Wife, mother, singer and now dancing maven, Chynna Phillips is trying to do it all but in her heart she is just a mom and we really appreciated her honest and candid discussion of how much she loves this role and also how hard it can be.

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