Moms Wear Madewell Too


As a creature of habit, I tend to frequent the same stores when shopping. Banana Republic, J. Crew and Ann Taylor. Although they have great fashion, sometimes it is great to go in a different direction and try someplace new. With my newfound weight loss, thanks to Jenny Craig, I wanted to try some pieces that might not have worked before.

I always liked what I saw in the windows at Madewell, but I did not think their sizes would work for me. While on the Avenue in Greenwich, CT, I decided to stop in and see what they had to offer. When I had the stylist help me find some pieces that were out of my comfort zone, I was surprised at how great they looked and how versatile the pieces were. The outfits that I created would work for work, casual or and evening out. I am so loving the animal prints this fall. And, I like how each store takes a different approach. Madewell chose a white leopard to showcase this season and I think it looked awesome paired with the royal blue Tailored Minidress.

Madewell tailored minidress

My favorite piece that could be worn in so many ways is the Rivet & Thread Popover, aka Chambray, aka from yesteryear, jean shirt. This shirt goes great with a sweater and jeans but also would work with leggings too.


The Pebble Cardigan is super soft and made of Merino wool. I liked it because it is warmer than my basic cardigans and works well for a fall day.

Madewell Pebble Cardigan

Another perk for this working mama is that Madewell also offers a 15% Teacher Discount with a valid ID. I was definitely happy to find this out!

Kerri G. is a not only a teacher, wife and writer but a full time working mom of three savvy ladies. You can read about her adventures in traveling, fashion and money sense at Raising Three Savvy Ladies. Find her on twitter as@SavvyMomNYC.

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