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I'm fanatical about shoes (take one look at my closet and you'll understand). When I travel, I usually tote along five or six pairs...for a weekend. Some may call it excessive, I call it a commitment to fashion. Travel just got easier thanks to Geox. I tucked a few pairs of these beautiful European shoes into my bag for a recent trip to Brazil. Not only was I able to keep up in the style department with the Brazilian ladies, thanks to the special soles my feet were mighty happy as I walked the streets of Sao Paulo.

The Roxy seemed to go with everything I packed. Chic Italian styling? Check. But I also had a secret weapon--the patented Geox Breathing technology. This was shoe heaven for this tourista. The sandal is extremely lightweight and the outsole features the patented Geox Breathing technology--perfect for my marathon shopping expeditions. My foot stayed dry and supported as I shopped and shopped (I snagged two bikinis, a pair of jeans, colorful tops and a chic cover-up, plus gifties for the little girls).

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Sao Paulo is a high-style town. And it's a city that's not afraid to be colorful. Really would a plain pair of flat sandals fit in here!

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The built-in "comfort footbed" was a dream on the colorful cobblestone streets. I'm not sure how these shoes were able to be so incredibly light while also giving me superior support--but all I cared about was not having to cut my excursions short due to sore feet. I wanted to blend in as a chic South American lady when I hit the fancy shopping district Rua Oscar Freire. How'd I do?

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The Roxy sports a 2.5" wedge heel (the Brazilian ladies don't go in for flat shoes). Unless it is flip flops besides the pool, the ladies in South America go for shoes with a heel and dash of style. The Roxy fit right in with its beautiful crystal ornamentation on the center strap.

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