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Mommy has an Owie

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Ok, Ok. I know that in last week'??s post I made a little eensy weensy mention at the bottom that this week'??s post was going to be about the amazing finds that I'??d had at the Long Beach Antique Market on Sunday. Unfortunately, let'??s just say that not only did Mother Nature have her way (it rained all weekend here in supposedly sunny Southern California) but also Sister Allergy decided to step in and really make certain that getting out of bed was an option. I'??m guessing that clean, crisp pollutant free air just isn'??t my thing (explains my attraction to LA in the first place).

Oh well. This gave me a reason to stay at home, curl up in bed and watch random movies that came out in the last century as well as eat food I'??m not supposed to eat (let me tell you about these crazy grilled cheese sandwiches....) as I was also waited on hand and foot until I'??m better. Well, you know, minus the being waited on. I still don'??t have the other half trained that well and it was Sunday, which makes me a Football Widow. I'??m sure that you get the drift because there are quite a few of us FWs out there in this world.


Now personally, I think that it was really the other half'??s whole plan to make sure I was stuck in bed all day because not only was there a somewhat important game (though he makes claim that ALL of them are important. I conceded to this many years ago) but also because I'??d been contemplating pulling out the Christmas tree and all of my sparkly ornaments and turning the house into my equivalent of a winter wonderland. Typically I don'??t do this until after Thanksgiving but this year we'??ll be traveling for both holidays (how'??d his parents get so lucky?!) so the skewed thinking was to put them up a week early so that I could enjoy the fruits of my labor just a little longer. He wasn'??t a fan.

So Sunday bed-day it was. What he always seems to forget, however, is that my mind never stops working. This is usually reflected in my nervous twitch (my leg is always moving at the pace of a Hummingbird and when it stops, fury is about to break free). When I'??m stuck in bed for that length of time and NOT sleeping, it usually means I'??ve got the laptop in my lap and Google search is up in no fewer than four windows. One search always leads to another and you just never know what I'??m going to find.


This week'??s find? Are you ready for it? First-Aid Boxes. I'??m not talking about the little zippered bags in which you keep band-aids and a little piece of gauze and maybe some sort of disinfectant. One thing you'??ll learn about me is that there is nothing too utilitarian to be designed well. It'??s the reason a criteria for picking my cordless drill was aesthetics and the same reason I thought my Macs were a great investment (they'??re so PRETTY!) even though they aren'??t exactly budget friendly. Why should a First-Aid kit be any different?

If you'??re like me, space is a premium. Considering I'??m writing for a blog aimed primarily at mothers who just might have at least one Mini-Me running around the house, not only is space a premium but typically anything mounted/stored/boxed below the four foot mark is fair game for being terrorized (this is why a dog in a home with a child sheds more). The result is that there is the possibility that I'??m going to be hanging anything that even remotely looks like a cabinet. A First-Aid kit would be no different.

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And if you'??re really like me, anything that hangs on your wall better look pretty darned cool. Or at least remotely decent. And functioning. Yes, it should definitely be functioning.

But seriously you can never go wrong with having a First-Aid kit in your home. Especially if you have children. In my case, my child is The Other Half and I can'??t tell you how many times we'??ve had to dig into the drawer currently designated as the '??I just hit my thumb with a hammer...again'? drawer to make a bodily repair.


Before I forget, we should talk about size for a moment. Most people get First-Aid kits barely big enough to fit a few strips of Band-Aids and a small brown bottle of the stuff that bubbles when you put it on wounds (the word escapes me and I'??m pretty certain that is the formal name anyway). I'??d recommend getting one large enough to fit a half bottle of wine and a corkscrew. First Aid is for everyone, not just the wounded.

'??Wait a moment Junior, Mommy'??s just fixing her boo-boo'?.

Images via: Radius Design Shop, David Meets Nicole, The Curiosity Shoppe, Velocity Art & Design, Unica Home

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