Mixie Baby Bottles


You would think by now, third pregnancy, that I would have everything I need for the new baby. Well not quite, baby products are evolving each day and there is always something new and better on the market. And of course I want the most up to date products for my baby. I recently discovered Mixie Baby Bottles.

Mixie baby bottles

Mixie Baby Bottles are for formula feeding, that can be filled in advance and mixed at feeding time. They are great for when you need to do a middle of the night feed, as it saves time mixing up the formula that way you can quickly feed your hungry baby. Mixie bottles are free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC. Simply scoop powder into the Mixie formula compartment, tap gently on a hard surface to settle powder, and press the lid on to seal. The bottle's formula compartment loads from the bottom of the bottle and water is added from the top. The airtight design keeps formula powder fresh and dry, When it's feeding time, simply push the button on the bottom of the bottle to release the formula powder, shake and blend.

Mixie is offered in two sizes 4oz and 8oz. There are very few parts to clean which is always a plus for me. Mixie bottles also feature a special nipple venting system which reduces colic symptoms. These bottles are perfect for busy lifestyles and on the go feedings such as daycare centers and airports when you don't have to fuss with making a bottle. Although I do plan to breastfeed my baby, this is a great alternative for when I need to supplement from time to time and traveling.

For more information about Mixie Bottles go to www.mixiebaby.com. Mixie bottles can also be found on www.onestepahead.com

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