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You think you know the story of Snow White. Classic fairytale, beloved by all, and a happy ending that resounds through the ages. Well, welcome to 2012 where a new Snow White shakes things up in the latest installment of the princess set, Relativity Media's Mirror Mirror.

Momtrends was lucky enough to fly out to sunny Santa Monica, California for a screening of the film, deluxe spa treatments, and an interview with the title character, actress Lily Collins and her handsome co-star Armie Hammer. That's all in good time, so stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 for these exclusive details.

What do you get when you mix 17 Mommy-bloggers (and a Mandy), a beautiful hotel, and gracious hosts? A fun-filled and jam-packed weekend complete with star-studded picture ops and a chance to check out this exciting new movie!

The movie, starring Julia Roberts, Nathan Lane, Armie Hammer (swoon), and Lily Collins starts off the way you would imagine. But soon you realize this version is nothing like you've ever seen. This is the 21st century, after all, so why not give a princess some empowerment? Director Tarsem Singh gives this Snow White some spunk and she kicks major tush as she trains with the seven dwarves, (who, by the way, are as charming and unique as the Disney version with some modern flair) to take back her kingdom from her step-mother ruler.


I must say, my favorite part of the film were the amazing costumes. What girl wouldn't want to play dress up with fabulous clothes in all different shapes and colors? In honor of Snow White's fashion sense, we opted for some primping, too. Thanks to Relativity Media, we were able to get a fabulous hair styling and manicure with colors from the exclusive Mirror Mirror palette. Being treated to these royal beauty regimens was nothing compared to what Julia Roberts endured in the film, but we'd like to think it gave us a sense of prestige akin to what Lily felt during her transformation into Snow White.


But before you assume that this version of Snow White is all about the traditional princess fair, we'd like to change your point of view. In the movie, we watch a young girl grow from a meek and unsure child to a strong and brave woman, who fights for her people, her family, and true love. The next time your little one wants to "play princesses," maybe add an element of heroism to the princess, not the prince.

Stay tuned for more of our exclusive coverage of Mirror, Mirror!

Check out the hilarious press video for Mirror Mirror, which opens March 30th.

Also, here's a fun (and free!) app for the kids: Dress Up Snow available in the iTunes store.

Stay tuned for more updates and my interview with the stars Lily Collins and Armie Hammer.

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