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Mirror Mirror: Interview with Lily Collins


After our press day of beauty, courtesy of Relativity Media, we had the opportunity to sit down for a round-table interview with the star of the film Mirror Mirror, Lily Collins. At first when you hear her name, nothing out of the ordinary comes to mind. Having a few small roles in films like The Blind Side and Priest, you may recognize her, but not because of her famous dad, Phil. She has emerged as a young actress all on her own and was ready and willing to tell me that. When asked if she felt like it was hard to break out on her own, she very honestly said, "Of course. I'm still doing that. I'm always going to be Phil Collins's daughter. But I'm also always going to be me, Lily. And I'm excited to show people who that is exactly."

If that doesn't hook you, what will? This 22-year-old was poised and charming, just what every little girl should aspire to be. Read on for the rest of our interview.

Momtrends - Mandy: In recent reviews, You've been compared to Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, these major style icons.

Ms. Lily Collins: Wow.

Mandy: No pressure! Who do you feel is your style icon and somebody that you aspire your career to be like?

Ms. Lily Collins: That'??s a complete honor because my style icon truly is Audrey. She really influenced the way that Tarsem [Director Tarsem Singh] and I went about creating her look at the end of the movie. It definitely influenced us.

Mandy: I mean, that picture on the poster. It's so Audrey.

Ms. Lily Collins: Thank you. It's funny. I did a photo shoot for an English magazine last year where they put fake bangs on me. And I'd never experimented with my hair with bangs. And I sent a picture to my mom, and she freaked out because she thought I'd cut it. And she said, "I can't believe it. What did you do to yourself? It looks amazing. But, your agent's and everyone are going to freak out." I said, "No, that's a fake bang." And she's goes, "You can do that?"

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And it got me thinking. I thought, "Wow, I really like this look," because it made me feel so different. And I felt like I could mature from a girl to a young woman with a small hair change. And Tarsem had seen the same shoot. And he and I talked about the physical look of her at the end of the movie, and we really liked going there because it was more of that classic vibe.

Mandy: So you feel that Snow White's look was vital to your preparation of role?

Ms. Lily Collins: Absolutely! I wanted to make Snow White this relatable girl that young girls could relate to. But, also there is something about Audrey. She says so much without saying anything. And she can be so funny and relatable and sweet, and yet at the same time make you cry or make you feel with her. And I think it's old time movie stars that have a quality that isn't as noticeable today because there are so many quick shots in a film. You don't stay on one person for a long period of time. And with Audrey or Elizabeth Taylor, you stayed on someone's face to see them go from one emotion to another. And I studied her and just the way that she used her body and her posture and her hands. She was very much a princess in her own way. Obviously in Roman Holiday and watching all those, she is just someone that carries a grace and elegance and classicness to her, and she's timeless. I wanted to look to her for inspiration for the role. For people to say that they saw that is huge for me, because that was definitely an inspiration.

Mandy: You went to school for broadcasting journalism. Do you think you'll keep that as an option or is the passion performing---acting and singing?

Ms. Lily Collins: My passion is totally acting, Yes. I started out acting when I was two. And when it was around 15 or 16, I started pursuing acting professionally. I got told '??no'?? so many times. People told me I was too green or wasn't as seasoned yet, so as I was pursing acting, I also wanted to get more practice, whether it was journalism, on-air time, producing, learning about editing, anything -- because I really love the whole big picture of this business. All of the behind-the-scenes work as well as the on-camera is fascinating.

So, I started writing, and I wanted to take it on-air. Broadcast seemed to be the perfect step from writing I started doing journalism for Nickelodeon, Extra, E, various networks. It was fun & interesting because I was interviewing the very actors I wanted to work with. And then, I was interviewing people that I had worked with. And it was like, "Whoa." Where does there become a point where it kind of starts to be these two worlds colliding in a way that is a little bizarre? It was around that time that I made the conscious decision to really focus on acting. Also, you should know the conscious decision came when I was finally told yes!


Stay tuned for more updates and my interview with Armie Hammer.

Check out the hilarious press video for Mirror Mirror, which opens March 30th.

Also, here'??s a fun (and free!) app for the kids: Dress Up Snow available in the iTunes store.

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