Milk Diary: Stylish Nursing Clothing


Nursing my children is extremely important to me. It was definitely tough with my first child and I had to seek out a lactation consultant. And with my second child, it came very naturally. I am hoping for my third experience to come just as easy. The biggest challenge I think is the lack of nursing clothing for women. Since I'll be faced with the winter months when the baby is born, what exactly do you wear ? Especially, since I'll be on the go with my other two children and in the dreaded public!

Milk Diary

Milk Diary is fashionable nursing wear designed especially for women nursing and pumping. Milk Diary was founded by Lana Hegstrom who initially struggled to nurse her son. After all the effort of finally "getting it", she was happy to nurse but had difficulty finding functional yet sophisticated and stylish nursing clothes that she can wear without announcing, I am nursing!. She wanted to help nursing mothers be more fashionable and feel great about themselves while they are nursing.

The Milk Diary Collection targets professional mothers who are working and pumping as well as mothers who are home but needed more chic yet functional nursingwear. The small capsule features dresses, blouses, and sweaters. Each piece has a hidden zipper or fold over making it easy to nurse without having to take off your top. I would definitely wear some of the knit pieces for the playground. And the dresses are just perfect for events and business meetings allowing easy access to pump while away from your baby. The collection ranges from about $85-$165.

The collection just launched via e commerce! For more information about Milk Diary visit

Brianne was once a fashion showroom owner now turned mom and blogger/writer. She lives in NYC with her husband, two children and one on the way, and enjoys her fast paced city life. Her blog Stroller In The City boasts about kids fashion and things that are mommy. Find her on twitter @strollerincity.

Momtrends was not compensated for this post but did receive samples from Milk Diary for the purpose of this review. 

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